Floods happen again in several areas in my area



good morning all friends,
Best wishes to all of us, may we always be given health and success, while on this occasion I will again try to share some photos that I took yesterday in several areas in my area where a terrible flood happened to them.

For the first time I tried to go to a road where the road is a connecting road to another sub-district, because it has a slightly deep road and also a short river bank so that water easily evaporates onto the road surface.



because this is the main road and the water is very deep, therefore the local people make a tool from bamboo that is tied very much so that it doesn't sink, the goal is to be able to help people who want to go home because this is the only way they can take and one place it only fits 4 motorbikes for one way and one motorbike has to pay Rp. 15,000 or the equivalent of $1 for drinking money some people have helped them







which numbered about 10 people pulled the bamboo carefully with ropes so that the motorbike above could cross safely, and not only motorbikes there were several people who wanted to deliver rice to a boarding school where there by car had to unload all the food and put it in somewhere so they can take him across the water





After that, I tried to go to another area where there was a flood as well, and on the way there I saw a young man bravely descending into the wood bushes stuck in the river to take some pieces of wood that were still good so that they could be used as boards and to me this is a very reckless act that that person did



Then I continued my journey to a sub-district, namely: "Matang Kuli" sub-district, which in this sub-district is the center of a very deep flood, and almost all currents can no longer be passed because there are so many puddles on the road.







I also took a picture of a flooded house that had entered the house, of course I was a big loss that they had to accept due to this flood incident,


for today, the water has started to recede but the weather conditions are still very cloudy hopefully there won't be another follow-up so that they can return to cleaning their houses and carry out their activities as usual, there are many villages that have been affected by the flood which in my own case don't have access to it and have to use a bot in order to visit the place to provide assistance


Hopefully the floods that are there can be resolved soon and of course people can enjoy their lives better.

Alhamdulillah today the water has receded and hopefully there will be no more flood water

We've been getting a lot of rain here as well but your situation looks a lot worse!

My area has become a regular customer for flood disasters like this, because the very short river embankments make the water quickly overflow to the road surface, I hope your area is fine and protected from this flood disaster

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mudah mudahan banjir yang terjadi di daerah anda cepat selesai dan kedepannya tidak lagi terjadi banjir.kepada warga yang tertimpa banjir agar tetap bersabar.semoga ada pihak terkait yang dapat membantu masyarakat yang kena musibah

Amen, Thank you for your kind prayers, hopefully there are some groups that help them to overcome this problem because so far there is no solution to deal with this flood disaster

I pray that the flooding in your area will recede quickly, with the current weather it is very concerning for many people in other areas who are also experiencing the same thing, stay patient, friend.

Although floods really disrupt all lives and cause massive damage, we need to take care of each other during this time.

Yes, of course, that's the key, we have to take care of each other and help each other to face this difficult time

I can only see one thing on the first few pictures, those who's helping each other.. The means to lend a hand to those who's in need. In this situation you can really see a lot of good people. Anyways I hope everything get better at your end soon specially those who's affected by the flood.

thank you for your kind feedback, yes it's true as you said actually there are many good people out there that we will find when we feel in trouble and by helping each other all problems can be solved

That natural catastrophe made a lot of damage to your community but regardless of the problem you are facing right now, I am glad that you still find to help each other during this event. Lending your hand for help if you know to yourself that you can is a great trait, that just proves how good you are as a person.

Of course, especially since the flood occurred in a few days the water didn't recede, many residents tried to evacuate because their houses were already inundated with water and it's a shame that it was the children who were the impact of this disaster.

These is getting to much, I feel sad for those affected by the flood, kudos to everyone helping them out.

I also feel the same way when I see their faces that are lethargic and tired but can't do anything just hope the water will recede quickly

I hope everything is going fine soon. Wish you all safe and healthy.

thank you all for your kind prayers today had a great day 😊

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I hope so too, because many are affected by this flood disaster