Basics - Santa Jump Game Devlog #1

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Hi over there! This is Nikfort Games. And we continue developing.
Here is Santa Jump – a game where you need to climb to the top of the house and gather all the giftboxes along the way.

So the first thing I have to deal with is emission. I found several tutorial by Imphenzia, and now windows seems to be with emission. Also you might see other parts of visuals with lighting.


Next big task was working with isometric camera. Especially with limiting character to move only along the square building. Now when you step to the corner you can notice the changing of camera view angle and its position.



From the start point this time I created a project with URP core. That was bad idea, because even my prototype was too buggy. So after several days smashing face by table, I made like in Bus Driver. Just created a new project with 3D basic core, and after that converted to URP. That did the trick.

My next task was to model a gift box in blender and Santa Clause. That was pretty easy by tutorials.



By the way, don’t hesitate to look in the Useful links block in the description.

After that I made some animation for Santa and sounds of steps, jumping, recording myself in several cases.

And the last but not least I searched for a saving system for my game. Previously I used Player Prefs. But it seems that it is not safe. So I took a look at Unity Asset store and found Save Game asset. It works the same as Player Prefs.


So, and that’s all for now. Thank you! Bye!

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