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RE: Gratuitous hand-modelling and other technical stuff

in The Pew: Guns & more10 months ago

Damn man. You are a bona fide shootist! My brain was boggling even before I got to ogive - gotta respect that knowledge!


Thanks mate...I have been doing this for a while and whilst the learning curve is steep I'm climbing the mountain. It's science really. And an art.

It sounds it. I think you have a fair mastery over it by the sounds of it. Never play yourself down!! Ya big gun-expert Titan!!!! :0D

Sometimes Titans are modest and seek not to belabour their Titanism to others. You would know this well as you are a humble Titan also. Yes, I know how to shoot and do other stuff around it...Yes, I'm good at it. Mastery? I'll never allow myself to stop learning. It is the Titan way. :)

I felt the same way😂😂 I need a dictionary when I read G's posts about guns, he knows his stuff