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This is an excellent overview! I have grown to find I have more than slight intolerance with rifles that have a large cold bore variance. It may be unreasonable to expect zero difference, but I feel that current technology and barrel manufacturing processes should be capable of maintaining MOA accuracy, even given cold bore variances. At least out to 200-300 yards. Beyond that, I could maybe forgive a little grace variance, but definitely not more than another inch. At that point, it's time to replace barrel/rifle. A two inch cold bore variance may have been acceptable a decade ago, but no longer.


I tend to agree, certainly with the more expensive rifles. I'm rather pedantic, certainly with this scenario, and have the desire to ensure that my rifles can perform to my expectations when I ask them to and that's why I do the cold bore shift mapping, just so I know what the rifle will do, but it would be nice if there wasn't a deviation right? Range comes into it too though I guess, and it's probably not something people worry too much about mostly, hunters for instance. I mean having the POI an inch or so off the POA isn't usually a major concern. I guess it's situational.


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