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Hmm, I'm not sure if it's in PDF, I only ever buy hard copies...Here's the site:


And I enyy you for that. In a good way, hahaha. That's money well spent. That's the way I would like to spend my money. And I actually did for some time before inflation got bunkers!

I'm lucky to be able to do so, I know. A lot of my books I get second hand so they are cheap, but the shooting stuff is so niche that I have to get them new. Besides, no one generally let's those books go once acquired.

I've been shooting for 30 years and would never say I know everything, or even close to everything, there is so much to know and projectiles change all the time, as do primers, powders and rifle technology but through training and education I have acquired a lot of understanding in those 30 years. I like the combination of reading and instruction...Learning from others, then applying it in the field. I guess one would say I know a little.

Well, that's the thing with everything. I think that's the wonderful things about us. Skills take so much to master and the fact that we can pass what we have learned to other generation and they can do the same is awesome.

And you are right. Reading is an excellent way of learning, but in this case is applying what you have heard, read and thought about what will give you the true understanding of these things.

It has happened to me back when I practiced Aikido and didn't understand a technique. I watched videos, read, asked my sensei, my senpais, and when I started to to do things and apply the principles, it was the "eureka" moment. I could finally fathom beyond the thing in words and bring it to the world.

Yep, reading something alone is ok in some cases but in many applications it's not going the best to do in isolation. A combination is the best. I've had a lot of training with firearms in my 30 years of shooting, have read so many books and have put in countless hours behind the gun...I can still only say I know a little.

And I guess you could write about with that little knowledge you have and it would be a good contribution to that niche.

Yeah, I think after 30 years I have something to contribute.

Remember to send a signed copy! 😂

Lol, I'm more hands on so my contribution would be practical in nature I think. I just wrote these posts for fun.