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RE: Cold bore dope

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I was aware of cold bore deflection, but never gave clean bore a thought. I sighted my hunting rifles cold because that is how there were going to be used. They weren't always clean bore, though. Hmmmm.

Wildly different situation. A successful hunting season for me would be two cold clean shots. One deer, one elk. Not that that is exactly how it worked out ever, but that would be the goal.

I don't believe I ever took a shot over 300 meters, probably closer to 200. I really wanted 100 or less.

Interesting stuff that I never even considered.


Clean bore shooting is not suggested. I mean two to three shots in and you're not clean bore anymore. Good to know some dope on those first couple shots though.

I know a guy who sights is rifle cold bore. I never did though as my shooting was mostly going to be more than one shot. When hunting taking a cold bore shot wouldn't be a problem as the range wasn't very great, like you 200-300 metres although I've shot goats at 1200 metres and more. That's when knowing ones dope at cold bore matters.

Most hunters will never consider this stuff, they just don't need to worry about it mostly.