My Mini Mineral Collection

in Amazing Naturelast year

I have been collecting crystals and natural minerals just recently and have loved them already.

It started when I discovered their different healing properties, and eventually I got addicted to it. Aside from that, their uniqueness made me fell inlove with them even more.

So here, I want to show you some of my crystals both from different authentic local and international crystal shops.

 " " \"IMG_20211115_112137.jpg\"""
Pyrites in Clear Quartz
 " " \"IMG_20211115_112708.jpg\"""
 " " \"IMG_20211115_112841.jpg\"""
Purple Fluorite
 " " \"IMG_20211115_113112.jpg\"""
Red Phantom Quartz
 " " \"IMG_20211115_114603.jpg\"""
Peruvian Pyrite
 " " \"IMG_20211115_114810.jpg\"""
Blue Hemimorphite
 " " \"IMG_20211115_112830.jpg\"""
Purple Fluorite
 " " \"IMG_20211115_113538.jpg\"""
Smoky Quartz
Black Kyanite
Clear Quartz in Epidote

I only have these minerals, since I have just started collecting yet. Still planning to add more. 🤗💖✨

I hope you enjoyed! 🥰


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