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I mean, it's not really a garden, because nobody cultivates it ...


... but it definitively looks like one. Because just like gardens made by humans ...


... this community of plants that grew on the rock sprouting from the ground, has that clear, designed look and is limited to a small area surrounded by different, much taller vegetation.
The plant from the opening picture is called the Tasteless stonecrop.


Sedum sexangulare is the scientific name. Here is growing wild, but is also used and cultivated as an ornamental plant.


In this photograph, you can see the Sedum sexangulare surrounded by intricate branches of some Cetraria lichen, don't know the exact species.
I like this photogenic plant arrangement very much.


Here you can see the lovely leaves of the Geranium lucidum plant ...


... that is growing surrounded by Tasteless stonecrop. I like this combination as well. Great natural gardening. Geranium lucidum is commonly known as Shining cranesbill.


When the temperatures are low, some leaves turn completely red and look a bit like flowers from a distance. I took these photographs in early spring 2021. The nights back then were pretty cold.


Relatively large areas of the rock were covered with moss. In this photograph, you can take a look at the capsules in which the spores are developing.


Here you can see the small, young shoots of the Saxifraga tridactylites plant growing through a carpet of moss.


The patterns made by a multitude of moss leaves and stems always look great.


Here you can see the Saxifraga tridactylites flowers and in the following photograph ...


... you can take a look at the entire plant.


The Medicago arabica, commonly known as the Heart clover, was growing along the edges of the garden. You can see a pretty clear heart-shaped marking on one of these leaves.


Here you can see the small, yellow flowers of this clover species. In the following photograph ...


... you can take a better, more macro look at those flowers.


The Vicia lathyroides, a plant from the same Fabaceae family has similarly shaped flowers - but the colors are very different.


In some places, the garden was decorated with old, empty snail shells.


This is the intricate leaf ...


... of the Bifora testiculata plant. The leaf is yellow because stressed out by the temperature and hidden from the sun.


When the conditions are good the plant is green. Here you can see the Bifora testiculata flowers. And a bit of healthy greenery around them.


These are the small, star-like flowers ...


... of the Cruciata laevipes plant.


This hairy plant is commonly known as Crosswort or Smooth bedstraw.


Myosotis ramosissima, commonly known as the Early Forget-me-not ...


... is also abundantly covered with hair.


The blue flowers are minuscule ...


... but very beautiful when seen through a macro lens.


And now, with this closing close-up shot of the Hedypnois rhagadioloides plant, is time to end this little journey across the little garden on the rock, hidden among the dense growth of various Mediterranean shrubs.

As always in these posts on HIVE, the photographs are my work - THE END.


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The parts are really beautiful and clear of these plants that look fascinating ;;)))

Yay! 🤗
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Lovely macro photos! That blue snail looks very beautiful. Never seen moss so clearly like this before. We have plenty of moss in the garden in rainy season!

lovely! Myself, I am very into this idea of a garden growing itself without any efforts. at my summer place each year I put a load of efforts into erasing different weeds (dandellions and snyt, to name a few) to have others growing freely ;=)

@nikv, you may enjoy this stuff, me thinks.

NB. are you in the know of 'Succulent growers' community? would be a perfect niche spot for a post like this, me thinks.

Yes, the arrangements of self-seeding plants can look great, and the wildflowers are often more interesting and intricate than the cultivated ones. :) Dandelions are beautiful and edible, but yes, they tend to suppress everything else on the lawn.
I know about the Succulent growers, and almost published this there, but then I had some doubts because these plants grow wild, nobody grows them ... and not all are succulents ... but yes, it's a typical succulent's habitat, it could fit that community ... next time I visit a similar place, the post will appear there.


I am reading a book right now (slowly) named pretentiously 'The sexual life of plants'. Has some curious info on various plants.... including figs, dandelions, and underground (!) orchids. Dandelions are referred there as 'unerasable perfect weed' ;)

:) How to fight with such a perfect lawn - invaders.

it is a question or a statement?
if the 1st - I can tell what I do. in case of dandelion - it is a very noticeable plant, with a very long vertical root. I've obtained a scoop with a very narrow and long blade (like a bayonet), capable to dig in especially such a long vertical roots. And whenever I see a growing dandelion, I remove it along with the root. As you can see, the recipe is very simple :=). You just need consistency... doing it year by year with no relax. the whole problem is that I visit our summer house very rarely, several times in the summer (last year, during covid, was an exception).

but the deal with other weed -- snyt -- is unsolvable this way...

:) Consistency can do miracles.

...and dandellions consistently doing their Miracle back on me / us, hahahaa!!!!!!!!!



Absolutely fascinating! With the camera, we are able to see things we'd miss just walking by. So VERY cool!

Fantastic, I find it interesting how nature does her work, how she according to the weather or the season gives that strong coloration to the flowers and leaves (the red one for example). I have always wanted to know the reason for those... I don't know... white thorns... that many of them have around.

I have always loved these sorts of little micro gardens of lichen and tiny plants. I am always disappointed in how my cell phone photos of such miracles look, so thanks for taking some proper nice photos here - beautiful!

Yes, it's difficult to get a clear composition when photographing these small plants without a macro lens. Everything is intricate and looks good only if is focused on a specific small detail and surroundings disappear in a blur.

Plants that grow naturally are more attractive than cultivated ones

Yes, the shapes are often more elegant, intricate, and interesting.

lovely garden 🌿🌿

A tour through a little unspoiled Eden ... thank you, this was lovely!

They honestly look cultivated. I guess because this type of plant don’t grow bigger like others surrounded by it.

very beautiful and very seductive, this is really amazing, your shot this time is spectacular,

Thank you

An amazing world in the palm of your hand!

Envious of the plant biodiversity in that forest. Beautifully captured small world. I dream of them living together to appreciate and preserve a richer ecological system

This is really lovely

Beautiful plants. It seems to me that I see some of them for the first time ever. The snail house is shaped in an almost ideal spiral shape ... a miracle of nature. Nice photo images, @borjan.

Wonderful plants and amazing creatures of the nature! Thanks for sharing these photos, @borjan.

Thanks. :) Glad you like the post.

Nature is really amazing. The pictures are really nice.

They are one of the most beautiful uncultivated plants. You did justice to the images, very captivating

Thank you

this is a very beautiful wild plant

Tasteless stonecrop plants really amazing. All those plants and leaves are really so amazing. Nice photography

Beautiful pictures.
I like the camera results :)


:) 😺


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