What's gonna be your #hashtag today and for the rest of the year?



"Some random reflections very typical of these dates of the end of an old year and the beginning of a new one"

I certainly have the impression that I've already written something regarding this matter before, as it seems to be a recurring subject to talk about at this time of the year. But in view of the fact that I just read two interesting posts about it that in one way or another seems to deal also a bit with what I want to finish deciphering here today. (Since I couldn't figure it out before because no one offered a convincing answer on the issue) Well, here we go again to see if we can clear it up completely.

The two posts that I've just read, one comes from our good friend @denmarkguy with an interesting reflection from those old chaps who have been reflecting and weighing stuff for a good number of decades and that you can read by clicking here.

The other post comes from our good friend @acidyo who obviously is a lot younger than the former and regardless of he having fewer decades reflecting and weighing stuff up, his post also invites us to pondering on some of the things that I want to bring up today.

Oh yeah, please, read those two posts first before going ahead to read my line of action and try to answer my question. I suspect that this way you will have a little more of brain muscle and context to help me decipher my doubt. I hope so anyway.

Ok, over here my approach!

In regards to human relationships. I really believe that this has always been and worked this way all the time. Although I suspect that in these times of the age of information and knowledge, smartphones, the internet, instant messaging apps, social networks and the current unbridled appetite for attention. This curious phenomenon that motivates today's post and its uncomfortable question looks like something that seems only to have been accentuated, intensified and made even more notorious nowadays.

"The Uncomfortable Question"

I dunno but, I'm under the impression that if today for whatever reasons, we suddenly tried to get away and isolate ourselves for a while from a place we frequent or we used to frequent to take a break from others. ¿Why the tendency of others will almost never be to approach us, look for us and try to find us to know how we are or how we have been? And on the contrary, the tendency of everyone almost always will also be to move away from us, isolate themselves and ignore us until they simply achieve to forget us or until eventually we suddenly reappear again to say hi.

A brief reflection dedicated to all those who believe they are the lid of the jar just for everything they publish daily and so often on social networks. Call it Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, TikTok, Hive, Wherevah, etc.

That's how important, memorable, essential and indispensable is what you are, think, say, publish and share for others on internet. Regardless of whether they might think if you are still alive or if you've already died. ¡They won't look for you!

Although, I bet that when you'll be the one who suddenly shows up after a long retreat, there is never a lack of someone who will very courteous, interested and hypocritically will tell you: "¡Whoa! ¡Holy shit! ¡Just yesterday I was thinking of you!"

Yeah, tell the truth!

That I've already embedded lie detectors throughout this entire post!!

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