2 Decades of Attempting Track n Trace Slave-Tech, But There's still hope!

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Active Monitoring & Data Collection of Your Children

bonus: HARPA-style logging of your children's behaviors by the government's caretakers into something called "Raptor Studentsafe."

There's a slave-tech firm named "Gabriel Protects" I had bookmarked to look at later. It bothered me that the name used for technology that can track, monitor, communicate and send alarms would have been picked because of the Bible character "Archangel Gabriel." I also want to reassure readers I'm not behind this new slave-tech scam. Infact, I'm in front of it trying to warn you, spreading the message doot doot doom doom.

Never Let a Good Crisis Go To Waste
podcast #01. I explore a flourishing market of health-tech, mobile blood sampling services and relate it briefly to my prior life as an insurance claims manager.

Terror = Slave-Tech Opportunities

I've seen something similar to what's advertised in this press release before, a few too many times


Thankfully, there's scant news of any progress from BiChip and it's related entities. Since their first flurry of social media promotion and mainstream media boilerplate coverage, they've gone pretty much quiet.

HARPA (Health Advanced Research Agency)

It's kinda grim looking back today at the mainstream media's reaction to HARPA's arrival..


Trump’s Plan to Stop Violence Via Smartphone Tracking Isn’t Just a Massive Privacy Violation - Slate.com, Sept 12, 2019

ID2020: Digital Identity

Not happy to see the intial ID2020 slave-tech moving full steam ahead, now featuring chained to blocks-tech. Really shitty to see Accenture Inc, (#WEF World Economic Forum key stakeholder for sure) is now involved in -

"Combining the power of biometrics and blockchain to provide a global identity solution."

Sorry, what was that? I think I missed what you said, can you repeat it slowly?

Watch our video... lots of purple... BIPOCs... generic Marimba beats in the background... UN Declaration of Human Rights #6...

I... am... Yosef...(video transcript)

So... that is exactly what we all knew would be coming! We did have the example of AliPay mobile app in China being repurposed into a 3-tier colour coded health warning system after all...

I"m a little confused. A couple of years ago you slave-tech bastards engaged one of your Trusted and Authoratitive News Initiative pitbulls to attack confused people like me:

Your fact checking and debunking rabid mutt growled out this headline:

"How a tech NGO got sucked into a COVID-19 conspiracy theory: joining the (quantum) dots on a public health conspiracy theory"

The New Humanitarian, 15 April 2020

There's rabies foam and spittle all over your rabid mutt's final product. Surprised you haven't yanked this pitbull's chain hard, dragging it into the back paddock to put it down:

Not as frightening as what global big data firms will be marketing to vulnerable age-brackets all around the world. It's sickening as to how incompetent these Trusted/ Authoritative News Initiative dogs are..

What's the point of debunking this early into the global sales pitch for slave-tech? I don't get it... although I do appreciate this opportunity for archiving falsehoods and crimes, and noting names / contact details of your rabid mutts. It'll be blockchained and Digital ID'd for posterity's sake. Don't you worry! winky winky

Digital Angel Inc - Never Fell to Earth

This is the last slave-tech example I'll provide for this article and it's also the earliest example of slave-tech / surveillance RFID chips for human usage I could find.

It's fitting that I began with Gabriel Protects page because that's what initially pinged my memory banks into recalling "Digital Angel Inc," a company with a sales pitch claiming to leverage existing RFID and tagging/tracking technologies used by vets and livestock farmers.

US Patent 5,629,678, dated May 13, 1997

Try as the technocratic slave-tech pushers might, they still haven't chipped & tracked the lowly herds and flocks in over 20+ years. It could be a case of jinxing their chances when using names that are sacrilege in this context; Angel... Gabriel...

I'd hope that the next time they try to slave-tech the planet's population it'll be the Archangel Gabriel who is summoned and blows them away into hell with his trumpets.


Actually I think this is an excellent article.

Thank you very much and definitely the freedom of people is highly important and absolutely the government can slip whatever they want including nano chips into human bodies with mandatory vaccination programs and on top of it we're not exactly sure what's in all those vaccines yet.

Let alone all the health repercussions.

I have a feeling that freedom in the future will be an extremely rare and valuable commodity.

Thank you again for your excellent contribution and hard work.

appreciate your words.

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That's a very long and detailed article but it doesn't contain newer information on the random parasites, bacteriophages and metals like bismuth which have been found in them.

I also didn't mention anything about the mRNA gene technologies in this article, it's all about tracking technologies (slave-tech)

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ID2020 is a partnership between the United Nations, the private sector, and NGOs that is working to provide a digital ID for every person on the planet. By giving everyone a digital ID, ID2020 aims to provide individuals with greater control over their personal data. It will also help to reduce fraud and identity theft, and make it easier for people to access essential services.

While ID2020 has the potential to do a lot of good, there are also some negative aspects to this initiative. One of the biggest concerns is the potential for abuse. If ID2020 is not properly implemented, it could give governments and corporations too much power over individuals. There is also the potential for ID2020 to be used as a tool for discrimination. For example, people who are unable to get ID2020 could be excluded from certain services or opportunities.

You've got an alternative viewpoint that reads like it is copypasted directly out of the ID2020 sales and press literature. I believe EVERYTHING related to new wave 4th Industrial technology functions on principles of Technocracy. This means that all technological advancements introduced, mandated and managed are done so as a system for facilitating centralized political controls.

ID2020 only exists to give governments and corporations more power over the individual. I'm eager to hear of any use case scenarios you can float for ID2020 having potential to do a lot of good and if you can relate these scenarios to your individual circumstances that'd be great!

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Indeed, I don't think there's too much awareness surrounding the other nefarious kinds of technologies being rolled out at the same time as covid-19 shit.

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