Hive Power Up Month - Feedback from February day 17

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The Hive Power Up Month challenge has now been running for 17 days. We are past halfway through the challenge. Let's see how things have been going so far.

For those who missed it, you can read the challenge announcement here.

Number of participants

Let's see how things have been going so far with an updated graph:

As of now, we have 61 participants really wanting to add the PUM badge to their board. Still losing a few ones each day. How many of them will hold on till the end?

List of eligible ones

Congratulations to, @ackza, @alexvan, @amaari, @andy-plays, @arcange, @awah, @axel-mccornstack, @blitzzzz, @borjan, @brianoflondon, @btcsam, @cezary-io, @coccodema, @coquicoin, @cryptokungfu, @cursephantom, @darrenfj, @davidthompson57, @definethedollar, @dizzyapple, @drugelis, @eddwood, @femcy-willcy, @forykw, @herbacianymag, @hive-153476, @hivebuzz, @ifarmgirl, @jacobtothe, @jang, @jomancub, @jychbetter, @keco, @ksteem, @littlebee4, @malomi, @manuvert, @mein-senf-dazu, @michelmake, @mightpossibly, @mmckinneyphoto13, @music1sound, @orionvk, @pogier, @python13, @ricestrela, @sagesigma, @savvyplayer, @synrg, @taskmaster4450, @tdctunes, @tengolotodo, @tferris, @timehacker, @traciyork, @trezzahn, @trippymane, @tsunsica, @tydynrain and @vickoly.

Good luck to everyone who is still in the race!

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Lets go! 😁

We stand strong and firm till the end 💪

Well said! 😎

Good luck for this last 10 days!

Thanks, good luck to you too.


Yeahh! We're gonna make it! 💪


Thanks, good luck to you too.

Wow, didn't expect that people would still drop out at this point. Hope I can make it until the end!


!gif til the end of the line

Let's do this everyone! PUY! haha



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pogier tipped hivebuzz (x1)
@awah(2/5) tipped @hivebuzz (x1)

You can now send $PIZZA tips in Discord via!

Over half of the way 😊🤞🏻
We can do this… keep going all 💪🏻😁🐝
Let’s make it till the end.

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Stay strong guys


I am not sure what I missed. I posted every day with 100% power-up. Where can I read the direction for the contest? I guess I missed it somehow?

The time used is UTC so we have to make sure we are posting within the time. And I think each post must earn something (not zero).

Did not realize it was UTC. That might be the cause of me missing. Well, there is always next month :) Good luck to all still in.

Yes, its UTC :) Sorry that you missed this month but yes, there is next month. You can still continue writing everyday. There is the weekly author badge to aim for if you write daily for 7 days :)

Cool. Was not aware of that. Thank you.

You missed the 6th of February. No power-up or 100% HP post. 😢

Next time I will post via UTC time. Thank you for letting me know.

Hold the line!

Very few people dropping from the race now, that's great, congrats to all!
February is shorter, we shouldn't fail !lolz

Why did the elevator move into the apartment building?
He wanted to take up residence.

Credit: reddit
@hivebuzz, I sent you an $LOLZ on behalf of @manuvert
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I'm still in~ Good to know that 🤗

Congratulations everyone, over half way already😀

Gracias por el apoyo y felicidades en su buena labor👍🥰