LEO Power Up Day - October 15, 2022

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The Leo Power Up Day (LPUD) is taking place every month and the next one will occur in a few days, on October 15th.

The Leo Power Up Day is a good opportunity to have fun while growing your wallet. You can also receive a delegation from one of the LPUD sponsors: @investing-dude, @edicted, @leomarkettalk, @taskmaster4450, @anomadsoul, @bitcoinflood, @lbi-token, @steemstreems, @whatsup and @scaredycatguide

For more information read the last announcement post from @leogrowth.

Participate and get your Leo Power Up Day badge

By powering up your LEO tokens, you will be able to add this badge to your board:

How to get your badge?

  1. You will have to power-up your LEO on on the 15th day of the month.

    HiveBuzz will use UTC date and time to validate when your powered-up. Therefore, check your timezone and convert your local time to UTC before powering up! To help you not miss the moment when you can do your power-up, we added a countdown to our website.

  2. Power-up at least 150 LEO. You don't have to power them up in one step. All the Hive powered up will be counted together at the end of the day.

Follow these rules and this badge will be on your board!

The badges will be distributed to all successful participants at the end of the Leo Power Up Day.

Be ready and Power Up!

HiveBuzz is a project created by @arcange


I already remember to take part in Leo Power up day tomorrow but I'm glad to have a remainder from you ❤️💝💖

The more reminders, the better! 😉

Get Ready for the #LPUD Guys!

More memes on it's way.

I am going to power up some also to get the badge, I did pick up some Leo recently.

Happy LEO PUD @ctrpch

To get that badge🐆

Would have love to join the power up but I do not have enough Leo tokens.

Success to all participants

Why not buy some?

Guess i will do just that

Another great time it'll be today. Thanks for the reminder.

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Happy #LPUD. Do the badge of levels like the badge for #HPUD?

Dear @hivebuzz,
Your support for the current Hive Authentication Services proposal (#194) is much appreciated but it will expire in a few days!
May I ask you to review and support the new proposal (https://peakd.com/me/proposals/240) so I can continue to improve and maintain this service?
You can support the new proposal (#240) on Peakd, Ecency, Hive.blog or using HiveSigner.

Thank you!

Nice LeoPower Up Day Graphic


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Thank you 😊

LeoPower Up Day Badge from HiveBuzz


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