Putting a designer TV into an auction - what do you think?

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OK so this is a story and I hope it has a happy ending. I was at one of the other boys studios to do some music and I saw this odd piece of equipment. We have a lot of different electronic equipment so this it not unusual. So I started to look at it and was wondering what the hell it was! So we plugged it in and definitely decided it was a TV and it did turn on. It only had one thing written on it Zarach 85. I love things like this, they intrigue me and asked him why the hell he had it. He said it was a gift but he was going to give it the charity shop.

So I asked him if I could have it as I really wanted to know more about it. So he gave it me and then I started to do some research! I thought this would be easier than it was in the end. I mean google know everything right? Well not in this case. So here are some pictures and I will let you decide what it is, where it is from and how much it is worth! If you don't want spoilers then don't read the end!


thumbnail_Image (5).jpg

thumbnail_Image (4).jpg

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thumbnail_Image (1) (1).jpg

So what is it and what is it worth?

Well I contacted 3 museums, did extensive google research to no avail. I did find out Zarach were a design company in Sloane Square in London but that is about it. I then contacted Bonhams, which is a big auction company who told me to contact a specialist.....when I got hold of them they said it was a rare and modern set and they would happily put it into auction. If you look for Zarach TVs you will find some very cool TV designs. However I could not find this exact design.

So I am going to drop it off today and I guess it will go into auction next month. So how much do you think it will go for in auction? Put your answers in a comment and maybe we will give a little prize to the person who gets the closest! Put your guess in £ as that is what it will sell for and if you have any more info you can find then let me know!

Big up the TV


3 (1).png


That is a thing of great beauty and it works too? Incredible find.
As for value, if it's so rare and a known about design, any number of worldwide collectors might chase it and the price may fly.

I'm going for 10K GBP+

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I was wondering it is was maybe a piece of art rather than something meant to work.

now that would make us very very happy!

That TV is absolutely sick! What an awesome find. I feel like you found a rare gem and if the right collector finds out about it...the sky is the limit! This could be a one of a kind piece.

I don think it is 1 of a kind but handmade but only a few....time will tell

Keracolor is what I found when I looked up Zarach. I am not familiar with the Zarach but I know Keracolor were those sphere TVs, very popular in the 60's and 70's. My parents had one and it looked like it was made from wood. It was an amazing piece of art & TV at the same time. Now, somehow this piece looks like it could be a Keracolor TV taken out of the sphere frame, and made into some kind of art piece.
It's a great find! But since there's not much of a background story, I'm pricing this piece at £1225 at an auction.

That is a very specific price! I love those old 60's tv they are very cool!

301 GBP

INteresting, was hoping for a bit more.....

I try to guess counter-intuitive! I read somewhere there is a demand for old CRT TV's, but i cant imagine that's true!

This is an interesting piece, would look good in a sci-fi movie.
PS I found this post on Listnerds :)

nice one bro! yes it is very sci fi

awesome piece of kit... puts modern screens design to shame quite frankly. I'll have a guess at £2K.

that could be a good ammount!

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Like I said, £2000.

Lets hope so! Maybe I get new guitar lol

I have no clue what it will go for auction but that thing is cool.

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100% agree with everything you said!


Yeah but can it do this? XD


Looks cool pals

Lol if you it could do that I would not be selling it....lol

Id just use it has a home security system!

You would be very safe....

It would definitely scare me off!

Add wheels, some cameras and a mini computer and this would be an awesome Robot to have around the studio!

that is true should have kept it! !PIZZA and !LUV

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£1000 would be my guess but who knows, might be a real collector item

I think you might be right on the money....who knows...


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I dont have a clue for the price! I have never heard of such a device! Well good luck selling, is it still working?

Well it turns on and has an ariel.....but we did not get any TV from it lol


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£500 is my best guess, anything for an old tv that was free is a good deal.

yes anything is a good eeal that is for sure! It is also quite fun!

It's definitely a great find. But I really can't put any value to it. If it's really that rare, and the auction is going to be done in the right way, so the real collectors are able to find it ... who knows?

who knows...that is why it is exciting lol

It looks a little like the early personal computers (yes, i am that old.) I will guess 5000 pounds.

ohh that would be nice!

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You may get to retire after the auction, who knows. I am wishing for a very big price for you. Please let us know what happens.