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It has now been several months since we launched the Power Up Month (PUM) challenge. While 3218 users participated in Power Up Day, only 299 of them have successfully obtained a PUM badge!

The effort required to obtain this badge is worth it because, since the beginning of this year, those who manage to do a power-up throughout the month also receive a delegation of Hive Power from us.

Above all, to stay watchful throughout the month.

It must be recognized that this challenge is particularly difficult because the slightest mistake or oversight is fatal. It was not uncommon for a small error to cancel all the efforts made so far. Many participants missed the badge because they:

  • forgot to do a power-up on one day
  • published a post but forgot to select the 100% Hive Power mode
  • got the timing wrong and posted twice on the same day or missed a day unexpectedly (remember that HiveBuzz, like the blockchain, uses UTC time).

And when it comes time to publish the results of the challenge after the month is over, one of the most frequently asked questions by those who haven't received their badge are "why", "what did I have wrong do", ...

Track your progress

It is for this reason that we have added a brand new feature to our website: the Tracking Calendar.

If you go to your HiveBuzz board and click on the badge of the current Power Up Month, you will see a calendar appearing in addition to the description with all the actions you have taken that influence your participation in the Power Up Month.

Here is an example from a participant in the May PUM challenge

For the current day (circled in blue) and all previous days, the following symbols may appear:

You have published a post and selected the 100% Hive Power reward mode
You made a Power-Up of at least 1 HP
A Power Down was applied. This disqualifies you for that PUM edition

As you can see, several or even all of the symbols may appear on the same day. Of course, if there is no symbol, it means that none of the above conditions have been met.

This will allow those participating in Power Up Month to accurately track their progress throughout the month.

You can check your previous participation too

The icing on the cake: on top of the current Power Up Month, the calendar is also available for previous editions. In this way, you will also be able to know how you have performed in the past months.

A nice addition that we hope will make your life easier.

The Hivebuzz Team

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That's really cool. I'll join in next month I think, now I'm able.

Looking forward to you participating in the next PUM

What a cool new addition. Will check it out.
Thanks so much @hivebuzz team! 🐝

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Thank you @littlebee4

You are welcome 😁👋🏻
Enjoy your Thursday

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Wow this is awesome and a way to maintain the act of making the power up month a success.

Thank you @emeka4. No more excuses for failing the challenge 😆

That's a really great addition, thanks! Just to make sure, it seems that on the current day, if you already published a 100% Powered up post, it won't appear until the next day, correct? Maybe the same with 1+ HP Power up (I cannot test today).
Thanks again

Thank you @manuvert. For your information, PUM data are update every hour.

Oh, cool graphic solution! It's even more convenient to see where you are. Thank you!

Thank you @stdd

A great new feature! Thanks HiveBuzz!

Thank you @rzc24-nftbbg

This is really cool! I rested for a couple of months, and now I want to be back to do the PUM this month, as I lost the habit now I am always in doubt about whether I did the daily power-up or not. This is perfect for keeping track. Thank you very much! 😄🐝

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Thank you @coquicoin 😊🌹

That’s a great idea. Thanks, HiveBuzz, for this calendar.

Thank you @crptogeek. Glad you like it.


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UTC time zone SUCKS!!!! lmao i hate how it always screws my plans to get the monthly author badge that is why i haven't tried the HPUM challenge

Never heard of reminders? 😏

Great work! Thanks

This is super helpful since I am working toward my 5K HP goal. Thanks for sharing this feature, @hivebuzz

This is sooo useful! thanks!

This is @recording-box calendar. We're still in the race! 💪
HPUM calendar.png

This is just amazing. :) A pretty cool edition. :)

Yep, I think I may finally be back on track as well!
Thank You for all Your Hard Work!

Thank you @lesmann


Thanks hivebuzz

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