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RE: Radical Revisioning: Dr. Zach Bush Dropping Profound Knowledge Bombs

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How wonderful! I am impressed by the clarity with which this doctor explains the evolution of the human body. I was struck by his life story. Sometimes I think there is a lack of doctors that reality makes them doctors. Generally one hears a person become a doctor because since she was little she said she was going to be one, not because a particular fact has marked her, oriented in her true vocation. The other thing that impressed me was the idea of affirming that we cannot say that covid 19 is a "new virus", since as a species we are thousands of years old and there is nothing new under the sun: nihil novi sub sole. But what I really applauded was the theory that the only way human beings have survived is by overcoming viruses. Viruses and people have always lived together. The detail, we have read and heard, is that you must strengthen your immune system, make it stronger for the constant fight with the environment. The analogy of how the human being is capable of transforming his environment and all his environmental structure to make it more livable and that the environment becomes his enemy, seemed clear to me. Every day I certify it: the human being is his worst enemy. Thanks for this interview, @rok-sivante! Interesting, clear and especially very felt! Greetings