Radical Revisioning: Dr. Zach Bush Dropping Profound Knowledge Bombs

One of the greatest upsides of our current global situation with the whole coronavirus plandemic:

We're going a radical revisioning of what does and doesn't work in this world.

Without question, infinitely more chaos has resulted from our collective response to the situation than the virus itself. Without question, this response has been a mix of dying institutions attempting a ruthless power-grab on their way out and sheer systematic failure.

Millions have relied on "authorities" to tell us what life is, what's right, wrong, true, false, and rarely ever questioned the validity of it - irregardless that those delivering answers have typically done so more from biased belief systems and self-serving agendas than actual knowing.

And as the pot has been stirred with a collective crisis, more and more individuals have been speaking out, revealing perspectives and truths that are more critically-important than ever to embrace into the way we look at and think about our world.

The holes in the mainstream narrative are getting bigger and bigger as more information keeps coming out to debunk many of the foundational premises our so-called "leaders" have made their decisions to tyrannically dictate the shutdown of our world.

More than ever before, people have been looking for real answers. And what we've been finding is a choir of doctors and scientists whose brilliant insight and innovative outlooks have been challenging a status quo that's failed us.

While they've been working for decades to discover entirely different scientific data than what most of us have learned via conventional institutions, these champions and warriors of the light seem to finally be getting heard & seen as more are realizing the organizational structures of our political, medical, and scientific institutions have been insufficient to keep up with where we're at in our societal & planetary evolution.


While the debate of germ/virus theory vs. exosome/terrain theory has been getting louder and louder, a number of other professionals have been taking alternative looks at the whole nature of viruses and what we actually know about them.

One such M.D. who's dedicated himself to unveiling the importance of the human microbome, whose research and discoveries are absolutely integral to a proper comprehension of the situation we're dealing with: Dr. Zach Bush.

While it can be difficult for those of us without a background in biology to follow along with all these types of content, the following is an excellent interview with Dr. Zach that's easily-accessible for nearly anyone and paints a shockingly clear picture of just how significant assessing this broader context of the human biome and viral phenomena in the evolution of ecosystems is in regards to adapting to our collective challenges at the moment.

The old mainstream science we've relied on is failing us. The theories upon which our collective decisions have been being made are leading us down a highly destructive path and require updating with new insight and perspectives that expand our outlook to a more resilient holistic model with more detail filled in such as that as Dr. Zach brings to the table here.

If you're at all interested in educating yourself with a properly-balanced diversity of intelligent perspectives to better grasp what's going on here, this is a must-watch:



I suddenly understand the word Re-Visioning in a whole new way. 😍

I was BLOWN AWAY by Dr Zach and his incredile re-thinking oh health, natural medicine and the triggers for Covid-19 - I've since shared this video to the people I care about an who may have an interest in engaging with this really important step in the shared narrative.

Appreciated seeing this in my blogfeed today.



yeah, he's GOOD. It provides some hope hearing/seeing doctors like him speaking up like this.

There's an excellent curated collection of more videos from a collective of doctors speaking to the similar mindset available at QuestioningCovid.com that's worth checking out if you liked this one... 🙏

🙏 Thank you. I've seen that site referenced elsewhere and not yet made the time to wade in for a look-see. I especially like the spiritual dimension of Dr Zach's thoughts - made me feel HOPEFUL about humanity for the first time in decades.

How wonderful! I am impressed by the clarity with which this doctor explains the evolution of the human body. I was struck by his life story. Sometimes I think there is a lack of doctors that reality makes them doctors. Generally one hears a person become a doctor because since she was little she said she was going to be one, not because a particular fact has marked her, oriented in her true vocation. The other thing that impressed me was the idea of affirming that we cannot say that covid 19 is a "new virus", since as a species we are thousands of years old and there is nothing new under the sun: nihil novi sub sole. But what I really applauded was the theory that the only way human beings have survived is by overcoming viruses. Viruses and people have always lived together. The detail, we have read and heard, is that you must strengthen your immune system, make it stronger for the constant fight with the environment. The analogy of how the human being is capable of transforming his environment and all his environmental structure to make it more livable and that the environment becomes his enemy, seemed clear to me. Every day I certify it: the human being is his worst enemy. Thanks for this interview, @rok-sivante! Interesting, clear and especially very felt! Greetings

I can relate to a lot in your post, and I feel there's a huge shift in thinking going on right now. Where usually, I used to see a ton of people react that authors were conspiracy theorists for sharing something like this, today, I witness a lot of people that question what they believed was right their whole lives.

So many of us have been sleeping, and I'm so happy more people are not just believing anything presented to them, but doing research themselves. I want to watch the video, but don't have time for it now. So bookmarked, and will check it out tonight.



Awesome info,
And I Agree with it all!


Wow man, thanks for hipping me to this video. I love this man.
So much good info. Talk about “clearing the air”...


I live in Michigan where it appears there is significant portion of the population that doesn't agree with our governor. Probably mostly because she is a democrat and they are republicans, but some of them might actually just not like what she is doing. This is a scenario I would love to see play out though... Protesters sign a petition and throw tantrums at the capitol puffing their chest and trying to get their way. The governor concedes and opens the state back up giving them their way. Multiple people die because of the state reopening. The families of those people get a hold of that petition and file some form of class action lawsuit against all of the people who effectively killed their relative.