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RE: Quimicos Toxicos en cosmeticos/Toxic Chemicals in cosmetics [En]/[Spa]

in Natural Medicine11 months ago

Yes, we use so many thing to keep us healthy and every time that we do, we are poisoning ourselves and unfortunately, most people do know of the toxins and the dangers in these cosmetics, but don't care because it's all about the brand name and the social status for them.

My good friend Nastassja Djalog has her documentary called Tasting Beauty in post production right now, addressing all of these issues that you bring up.

For me, it's about the animal cruelty that is so intrinsically connected to cosmetics and so many other products that we use on a daily basis without thought.

And that's why I created this program years ago, which I'm still trying to get on air.

Thank you for writing and sharing this info.