Finding the Sunken City

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While serving as a photographer for an expedition of trace history to Old Singkil, Aceh, in December 2020. The expedition team was cultural volunteers who were members of the non-profit institutions @Mapesa Aceh and @Pedir-Museum.


The outboard motor canoe continues along the Lae Soraya River or known as the Singkil River. Nipah palm forest on the left and right is a barrier to the flow of water. A team has gone before us. Suddenly the captain of the canoe changed speed and turned into the sidelines of tenuous palm trees that were like entrance gates.


Inside like a narrow alley, it's time for the captain of the canoe to lift the engine and use the oars. We got lost in the nipa palm forest.



Hooray, we've arrived at the planned point.

The mission that day traced the whereabouts of the sunken port city. Local residents keep stories from generation to generation about the fame of the lost city, known as Old Singkil city.


We are guided by the community to reach the intended point. Arriving at the location believed to be the former sunken city, the team immediately plunged into the water and dived to the bottom to look for the evidence needed. Found at the bottom of the water, in the form of Chinese ceramics, local pottery, and other metal objects.










In addition, the team also found an inscription made of andesite stone in Chinese, hopefully, it will get a clue through epigraphy text. Local residents are very satisfied with the discovery of the objects.


Towards evening we return to the inn in the new city of Singkil.

The objects found are then stored in the Gallery of historical objects of the local government, Singkil Regency. Next for the process of identification and scientific studies.



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Irfan M Nur (@vannour)
Make Canon EOS 6 D, F17-40mm f/4L USM


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I found your article very interesting and I read it with pleasure. You are trying to find a treasure in very difficult conditions. Thank you for sharing this nice post in our society, we wish you more to share 🙏

You're welcome. I'm so excited.

What a perfect mission. You guys have worked really hard on this for years. Hope you get the results and satisfaction as expected.

there is a certain satisfaction in working as a volunteer, besides being useful for the development of science

True, limited people want to work that way. Hope you all always be consistent and be a motivation for others, especially in Aceh.