Keep the house cool by using two components in your air conditioner...

in CCH4 months ago

You can avoid this heat by using some simple tricks.In spite of the fact that there is an air-conditioner in the house, the condition of people is very bad in this heat.

Everyone wants to keep themselves cool so as to avoid the heat. If you adopt a rule in this case, you can easily keep your whole house cool and today I will give you an information about that.



Just as the emergence of technology in our society is increasing, so is the human brain, but it is updating day by day.

If not, how do these ideas come out of their heads and even if they do come out, they are of great use to the people of the country and the country.

However, this method will give best results only if you have an old air conditioner in your home.

Because the air condition is very good in the new condition, everything is new, so it keeps the room cool easily, but day by day, when the machine gets old, it takes a long time to cool the room and even if it is cold, it is not very cold.

So you can easily cool down your house with two ingredients that you already have in your home kitchen, you just need some ice cubes and table salt to cook in your kitchen.