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RE: Café questioning: A blockchain conundrum; Your help required

I think that with the whole issue of HF all Hive platforms still have MANY problems, I dare say that every day something different fails, i hope that they soon solve all the problems to return to normal that we were.

And you know what? I didn't even understand why they did the update, i've seen nothing but errors, nothing new.


And you know what? I didn't even understand why they did the update, i've seen nothing but errors, nothing new

because we needed to definitively separate from Steem and no longer belong to that blockchain, formerly some things in Hive worked with things in steem and for a long time the separation had been discussed, after everything that has happened and disagreements with the old blockchain, this HF was necessary, which means we are independent now. All the updates were more inward, the technological part that we do not see and changes in the hivemind, json stuff... things of that style that are not my area, I do not handle and I do not understand much but I am learning about something out there so as not to stay in the air.

Yep, that's why. :)


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Ohhh, thank you... I didn't even know it was connected to steem, but either way, i hope they can solve all the problems soon. @josehany

There's certainly been some errors and complications and many are still experiencing them; Some can't even post. I know one user that was reading on and responding in another interface as he couldn't do both on the one interface. I think it comes down to lack of efficient testing or some such thing, although I'm non technical in nature so am not really sure about the reasons for the issues, or why they endure.

Over time I think things will sort themselves out although in the mean time it's frustrating for the users around the world trying to get their hive stuff done.

The link below will take you to blocktrades which will give you an idea about some of the changes made. Enjoy.

Yeah, i need to go from to Peakd to Ecency... sometimes in one them i can´t publish, another one i can´t see the videos, another don't let me comment, etc. I´m kind of surviving around...

Thank you for the post, i´m going to read it😊