Café questioning: A blockchain conundrum; Your help required

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I tend to spend my days alone when working, when I'm not meeting with clients or my team at the office that is. I tend to do a lot of my work from café's, because I can, and mostly can be found sitting by myself tapping away on my keyboard or hooked up to my phone's head-set talking with clients. It's not a bad existence I guess, but it often leaves me a lot of time to think...Which is what I've been doing over lunch today, right now, as it turns out.

G-dog's Friday lunch of poached eggs, bacon, artisan rye bread and coffee.

So, my question...

I've been around for a while, on the blockchain I mean. It's been about three and a half years now and I've enjoyed my time here a great deal - I still do! I just wanted to get that out there up front.

I have to be honest though, I'm a little perplexed about something and I thought I'd pose the question to the rest of you hivers as someone may have an answer for me...I'm hoping so anyway.

That image below is a screen capture of one of my posts...I've circled the item that has lead me to write this post and ask this question:

What is up with the comment-notifier on our posts?

Can someone please throw some light on this situation that endures over two weeks after the recent Hard Fork? Or is it just me that only gets the '1' notification?

I know, I know, it might seems like a small thing...But is it? And if it's a small thing why can't it be rectified?

My concern is that when people look at the blockchain, external people, they see very little activity. I mean some of my posts have attracted over 600+ comments, a single post, and yet it shows only the one. Not so good for a social media don't you think?

Don't get me wrong here, I'm not complaining, I'm fully-engaged with hive and enjoy my time here, but I'm bemused as to why this small thing cannot be rectified...Over two weeks after the Hard Fork.

Something else that I find baffling is the lack of dialogue around it...I have seen zero comments or posts relating to it and the only discussions I've had have been privately on Discord in private messages with friends...Who are also just as perplexed I might add.

Can someone please enlighten me...Please tell me that there's some overly technical reason for this, that it is being investigated, that some smart coder somewhere is working day and night on the issue and it will be sorted. Tell me to shut the hell up and stop whinging, tell me I'm an annoying wanker...I don't fucking care...Just tell me something about this issue.

OK, rant-mode is off now...Sorry. 😁

Anyway, engagement here is very important as is showing activity and I think we (whomever has the power) can do this a little better. Don't you agree?

I'm a nobody on the blockchain, just another user, and I hold no sway anywhere, but maybe someone who does might be able to help me with this question? Please?

So that's it for now...I've just ordered another coffee and will sip it and calm the fuck down whilst people-watching. It's Friday after all and there's no point carrying stress into the weekend.

The #weekend-engagement post will be out later today, probably in around seven to eight hours, so look out for it and get engaged...I'll reply to your comments and engage right back, as will others.

Have a great end of week y'all...Sorry for my mini-rant. No I'm not!

Design and create your ideal life, don't live it by default - Tomorrow isn't promised.

Be well
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I'm still waiting for the Views counter to re-appear, which was pulled about two years ago with an explanation from Ned that, "It wasn't counting right..."

When in reality, I suspect he didn't want people to see just how few views there were to posts in comparison to number of accounts voting… How Unique 🙃 (Get it???)

Don't hold your breath on that coming back...But let's hope they get the little niggles that plague the chain at the moment. It'll all work out...Was fun to have a mini-rant...Haven't done one for ages, not for lack of topics though. :)

THIS IS WEIRD...!!! Look what I stumbled across after leaving the comment to you about 'View Counter'... @Dan is back, and there's a view count on his post???

Tyranny of the Status Quo
81 Comments / 19 reblogs / 100+ views

dan 69 13 hours ago (Edited)

Are you sure we're not in the Twilight Zone?

Oh, so I'm not the only one who saw that about the comments, it's really annoying at least for me and no one says anything about it!! I'm hoping for this doesn't last longer! So many errors Poppin up after this HF but I'm trying to be patient and wait until someone fix something 🤷🏻‍♀️

Patience is a good trait to have and I'm pleased you have it; I do also, sometimes. I'm a bit frustrated with this situation though...It's like no one cares, or maybe there's other bigger issues? I don't know, just announce something!

So no, you're not the only one to have noticed - Many have.

I could think that there's other bigger issues! Hmmm... I was asking around a few days ago but the answer was something like "oh yeah, HF still needs to synch well for some things

I think, due to the decentralised nature of it, that bringing things together all at the same time can be problematic...At least that's my understanding of it. We'll see I guess.

I think like me, we aren’t really tech people and especially not in the developer way. Just today I stopped getting an error when I posted a comment. It was a wonderful thing! Two brutal weeks of next to no communication though about the issues that persisted after the fork. Nodes were down left and right, it’s been a sad span of days I think. The price of hive has taken a serious beating I think because if the issues and the lack of acknowledgment of it by the top folks. I’ve checked the hive devs community out a few times and haven’t been successful in finding one of the smart groups telling us what’s up.

Even 15-20 words. Issues with “x”, working in “y” go a long way.

Is it because you posted this that I now see 2 comments in this one? Lol let's see what it looks like outside of the post.

Edit - nope still broken.

Broken as fuck.

I don't know mate, it just seems really odd to me that there's been no word on it...You know, I even saw a post about now we have HF24 out the way let's talk about HF25! What the actual fuck?

Clearly, that second coffee didn't calm me down any. :)

It's a clusterfuck, more so that this little thing hasn't been sorted out, or even addressed. Maybe I'm missing something and some whale-dude will reply to this post calling me a fucking idiot...So be it though, I'll be happy to get the response at least.

Thanks for replying.

Why don't you tell us how you actually feel? Just sayin'

Imagine how agro he'd be if he was in Victoria & can't even sit in a cafe 😜😜

I know, huh?

Haha...That's only a rant at 10%...You should see 50% 🤣

Ahahahaha. I just clicked on the link to your comment and got the "This page does not Exist" page. I could be heating up a little.

I'm guessing I'd like 50% or better. At least from 10,000 miles away!

Lol...I get that sometimes,go back and then come back...Seems to work for me.

I get it at least 50% of the time. This one I also got 'Something went wrong on our end' so two extra clicks.

I've been seeing some screwiness with comments, too. Either they won't load at all, or they'll say there's 1; when there are dozens.
Or I'll post and peakd will simultaneously report that 'Comment posted' and also 'Comments failed to load'. It's gotten to the point where I copy my comments and check that they actually posted before clicking away.

Didn't happen that time. So maybe it's been fixed.

Possibly...Although a quick check just now revealed that, indeed, not.

Yes, I've been doing the same which started after I lost several fairly lengthy ones...I'm not always a fast learner, but on this occasion I have been. :)

I am baffled by this conundrum also and have no answer as to why it is so🤔

C'mon bro...I was relying on you to solve this mystery and put me out of my misery! Lol.

I think that with the whole issue of HF all Hive platforms still have MANY problems, I dare say that every day something different fails, i hope that they soon solve all the problems to return to normal that we were.

And you know what? I didn't even understand why they did the update, i've seen nothing but errors, nothing new.

And you know what? I didn't even understand why they did the update, i've seen nothing but errors, nothing new

because we needed to definitively separate from Steem and no longer belong to that blockchain, formerly some things in Hive worked with things in steem and for a long time the separation had been discussed, after everything that has happened and disagreements with the old blockchain, this HF was necessary, which means we are independent now. All the updates were more inward, the technological part that we do not see and changes in the hivemind, json stuff... things of that style that are not my area, I do not handle and I do not understand much but I am learning about something out there so as not to stay in the air.

Yep, that's why. :)


Thank you for your engagement on this post, you have recieved ENGAGE tokens.

Ohhh, thank you... I didn't even know it was connected to steem, but either way, i hope they can solve all the problems soon. @josehany

There's certainly been some errors and complications and many are still experiencing them; Some can't even post. I know one user that was reading on and responding in another interface as he couldn't do both on the one interface. I think it comes down to lack of efficient testing or some such thing, although I'm non technical in nature so am not really sure about the reasons for the issues, or why they endure.

Over time I think things will sort themselves out although in the mean time it's frustrating for the users around the world trying to get their hive stuff done.

The link below will take you to blocktrades which will give you an idea about some of the changes made. Enjoy.

Yeah, i need to go from to Peakd to Ecency... sometimes in one them i can´t publish, another one i can´t see the videos, another don't let me comment, etc. I´m kind of surviving around...

Thank you for the post, i´m going to read it😊

yap it is a hivemind problem, and i seen it mentioned right after the hf. did not see it mentioned after that, but i do hope someone is working on fixing it.

now i checked, @leofinance forontend is showing the number correctly so maybe they solved it?

Hivemind is mindfucking me. Lol.

I'm sure it'll get fixed one of these years.

lucky we are not far form the next year, so one of these years don't sounds that bad :D it could be an optimistic statement

Yeah, only a couple months to go...We could get lucky and see a fix by then...Maybe we need a countdown clock? Or, dare I say it, another HF? Lol.

time is a mush this year so few months could be few days :D
a countdown clock would be nice, it would give it a feel of urgency :)

Yeah this year hasn't been the best and it seems to be dragging on...You know, I can't think of one major thing that has gone well for me this year...I'll be glad to see the end of it although there's no assurances that 2021 will be any better. Maybe nest to just live the best we can, in the moment, and let next year worry about itself I think. I hope your 2020 has been a little better than mine.

definitely better then yours as i had no real shit happening, but it was just blah, almost 3 months of a lockdown, things are generally not happening here, and all of this made it one big nothing, and i for sure participated in making it nothing.

i just found a solution for the comments if there is no solution in next few days. maybe it could be a random fake number that is not 1 :D

Lol...Yeah how about 276 as the comment number That will make things look active!

Glad to hear your year has been better than mine, someone's had to be!

I say it routinely. I feel guilty because I've had such a good 2020 when everybody else is turned completely to shit.

Don't worry about it. I don't feel that guilty.

It's good you've had a good one, many here have also. Pensioners got more money for free and their MO wasn't too inhibited. Unemployed got double payments so them too.

2020 has been bad for me for other reasons though, not just pandemic situations. I don't need to go into it here as you already know.

Good that you have been good though, no guilt required.

Ok forst i want to have that G-dog's Friday lunch of poached eggs, bacon, artisan rye bread and coffee now and for me that will be the B-cat breakfast than because the Netherlands are just waking up!

Than that 1 , I like to think it’s because we all are a number one OR it’s 1 long long comment string.

Its still a bit wobbly as an oldtimer and so are you we know the ropes a bit and know that this also will pass or be adjusted.

Untill than I am envious of the fact you still can have lunch and sit inside a diner while working , talking, writing and giving, being in lockdown this is what I miss now. But all for safety

I'd share my lunch but...It's all gone! We're heading out for Indian food at a local place tonight though, you're welcome to come. You reckon you'll make it from NED in time?

Yeah, we're pretty free here...We have to stand on the X at the supermarket when in the line up but that's about it...No masks etc. Australia are doing really well although the state of Victoria the city of Melbourne in particular, had a second wave and were completely locked down for 120 days. Sucks to be them...Lucky I'm not there. #freeasabird!

Things will sort themselves out, as you say, I was just in rant mode earlier...I haven't done a good hive-rant for ages so I figured why not.

Anyway, we're off for Indian food now so...I'll either see you there, or eat your share! (That rhymes quite nicely.)

I've noticed that same problem since. Was totally surprised and confused when I saw one comment on my post whereas, we've had a series of chats (comment)... Something needs to be done to that. They should rectify the problem for future purpose.

Stay blessed!

I think someone will come along and rectify it soon, that's my hope anyway. For now though, it's business as usual, just keep commenting and engaging. :)

Yessssss, we hope so.

Thanks. And stay blessed always @galenkp

I thought it was just a problem I had!

I think many are having the same issue, so it's not just you.

There are still some issue with API calls and Hivemind and RocksDB all interfacing smoothly together. It is not only the comment numbers, but list created in the feed are not updating either, if you use the favorites feed it is not updating either. Right now the minor social interface fixes are low on the priority of their fix list, they don't really affect the operation of the system. Last I saw a few days ago on PeakD in discord they were expecting some fixes in the next 5 days or so, so that pushes it out to Monday next week.

Ah ok, this gives a little perspective to it...I knew someone would come up with something that helped clarify things. Let's hope it gets dealt with at some stage soon.

It is one of the things that seems to be frustrating to the peakd team, and there is nothing they can do right now to speed the fixes along. I can tell you I miss my list function for narrowing my searches for content down, but they will get it fixed soon I hope. I guess there was very little backward compatibility built in to HF24.

There were obviously reasons for the HF in the first place and those are the elements they're probably working on I suppose. This comment issue isn't a major deal breaker but added to some of the other little issues some are having it's probably causing some frustration. Like you say, It will sort out eventually.

I got to be honest. It's hard for me to really get excited about the one comment (which is obviously the default) when the whole fucking mess gets broken on a regular basis. I've used a half dozen different nodes and 4 front ends in the last two weeks. As recently as yesterday I had a situation where I had to read a post on one front end and comment on another. What's a couple more tabs among friends?

And the speed. We are flying along at the speed of Etherum! I'm writing this comment on Hive Blog (it's the easiest for me to see them when it works) and before I hit post I'll copy it so I don't lose it completely. Then I can carry it to another front end and try again.

I do entirely agree that this is a fucking shitty look for Hive at this point. The comment count needs to be fixed, along with a host of other shit. Just sayin'

OK I've got my comment copied and my stopwatch ready. Let's see how this goes.

Only 13.5 seconds. Things are looking up!

I got the comment, so the hamsters working the treadmill must be on the job!

I know you have had some issues, I mention you, not by name, on another comment about the back and forth over various interfaces thing. Sucks.

I hope that clears up quickly, clearly a bigger issue than the comment count.

Hang in there bro.

In all honesty, my normal comment count is down. Mostly because the later it gets in the day the more disgusted I get. It's a cumulative thing.

So far everything seems to be working. Maybe today is the day!

I have a feeling that today is going to be a triumphant day. Angels will sing, champagne will fall from the skies and your comments will load.

Maybe pigs will fly also. 🙂

I have a rider friend that is FlyingPig on the internet :)

So far it ALL seems to be working (except the comment counter, of course). PeakD ran 16 hours behind for me yesterday and today it seems right up to speed! Maybe....

Oops...I smell a triumph in the wind...Could it be?

Maybe. I've owned two Triumph motorcycles in my life. A really beater TR-6 (single carb Bonneville) that I actually bought in HS. I also owned a Rocket 3 for a short while. I loved the bike but a guy offered more than I'd paid for it and it left.

Anyway, I got a hat for buying the Rocket and I still wear it a lot. It's my go to lid.

And maybe. PeakD seems fully functional.

Fully functional...A Triumphant Peakd day indeed!

Tha lack of focus on the spocial aspects can be infuriating. I sometimes think that people forget that while there are proposals and ideas out there to turn us into just another fucking nonsense crypto project the USP that we have (ok, not so USP now) is that we are a social blockchain. Why would anyone bother joining if the social parts of it look fucked up.

And the comment fix, is a fuck up that people will see and say. Fuck that Hive place, there's no one on it.

And that breakfast man, the breakfast of champions!

I needed the breakfast, which was actually my lunch, to assuage the disappointment I was feeling over the moment counter.

Don't worry bro, you get your Scottish ass down here and I'll take you to all my cafe haunts...My shout.

You're right though, a social network needs to provide the ability to be social, and look like it's active.

The comment count thing is the last thing I’m noticing at this stage, the other stuff that was acting me appear to have resolved 🙃

We all do is on different things, that's why many sets of eyes are better than few.

I was just talking about this with a friend on discord. I thought maybe peakd had gone on the fritz. Glad its not just my imagination but Hive has been squirrely since the fork. Its getting the kinks smoothed out but i wasn't getting notifications, or anything. Half the time i couldn't see my comments or others even.

It's been a bit dodgy but is sorting itself out I think, which is good. I know many have suffered, myself to some degree, and this is why the comment counter is probably low-priority. I hope the kinks are ironing out on your end though. For notifications get GinaBot up and running on Discord. I hope you've managed to get that working.

I did read a post in the last week @blocktrades or @peakd knowing about the problem. No timeline on a fix though 😞

I must have missed that one, or maybe just didn't understand it which is far more likely. :)

Yes, some of those blocktrades updates are a little deep even for me, I have worked with computers for 30 years and still learn something new every day.

It's all confusing to me. I'm not the smartest fellow you'll ever meet though. A bit dense. 😉

I do not think you are dense, just different skill sets. Consider how many hours you put in to maintaining your gun skills, I probably could not catch up no matter how many hours I tried, because you have put in the time. We also all have different interests and that affects how we are able to learn new things.

This is true...I was just being an idiot with the dense comment - I'm not dense...Usually. :)

It comes down to interests, training and needs I suppose. My work doesn't require I know anything about coding for instance, neither do my hobbies and so I know nothing about coding. I'm ok with it.