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RE: Café questioning: A blockchain conundrum; Your help required

I got the comment, so the hamsters working the treadmill must be on the job!

I know you have had some issues, I mention you, not by name, on another comment about the back and forth over various interfaces thing. Sucks.

I hope that clears up quickly, clearly a bigger issue than the comment count.

Hang in there bro.


In all honesty, my normal comment count is down. Mostly because the later it gets in the day the more disgusted I get. It's a cumulative thing.

So far everything seems to be working. Maybe today is the day!

I have a feeling that today is going to be a triumphant day. Angels will sing, champagne will fall from the skies and your comments will load.

Maybe pigs will fly also. 🙂

I have a rider friend that is FlyingPig on the internet :)

So far it ALL seems to be working (except the comment counter, of course). PeakD ran 16 hours behind for me yesterday and today it seems right up to speed! Maybe....

Oops...I smell a triumph in the wind...Could it be?

Maybe. I've owned two Triumph motorcycles in my life. A really beater TR-6 (single carb Bonneville) that I actually bought in HS. I also owned a Rocket 3 for a short while. I loved the bike but a guy offered more than I'd paid for it and it left.

Anyway, I got a hat for buying the Rocket and I still wear it a lot. It's my go to lid.

And maybe. PeakD seems fully functional.

Fully functional...A Triumphant Peakd day indeed!