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RE: Ethereum's Vitalik Buterin Joins Elon Musk & Other Technocrats In Publicly Pushing SYNTHETIC WOMBS Because We Need More Humans! The War on The Mother Continues.

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The bottom line is that the Earth is a finite space, with finite resources and is already dangerously out of balance. The last thing we need is yet MORE unbalanced people being birthed without the necessary healing, balancing and evolving taking place. Hint: Removing Mothers from such important parts of the birth/Earth process is NOT evolution.

Talking about increasing the human population is not a welcomed idea because many existing in the world are living below poverty level. Creating synthetic womb babies could lead to abnormal people who would become a menace to the world. . it'll be good I these energies are channeled towards the suffering masses.


Absolutely, yes. Musk is literally saying he wants these people to populate Mars! It doesn't get more dystopian than creating disconnected beings without attachment to families, to go and populate a barren planet for the benefit of a billionaire club!

It would have been better to invest the resources that is proposed to be used to reproduce humans that will populate a barren planet in other to get more prestige. These billionaires should channel their resources to the less privileged of the world. Thanks for the reply

Absolutely, clean your room before travelling the world!