Ethereum's Vitalik Buterin Joins Elon Musk & Other Technocrats In Publicly Pushing SYNTHETIC WOMBS Because We Need More Humans! The War on The Mother Continues.

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Arrggh, I really didn't want to write this today as life has piled up so much for me to do recently.. But I cannot avoid commenting on these Tweets from Ethereum Founder Vilalik Buterin today that has him trying to sell us the Blue Pill in so many dangerous ways - His promotion of the removal of women from the reproduction process is recklessly irresponsible and shows a total lack of self awareness, plus understanding of human life.


Almost as bizarrely, at a time when Earth's population is arguably perilously high compared to the distribution of resources (wealth gap) and the capacity for parents to raise balanced children in safe environments, Vitalik was replying to a thread started by Elon Musk in which he tried to frighten us into thinking that decreases in human population are a huge problem:

More on that in a moment, on to Vitalik and 'synthetic wombs'. The founder of Gumroad replied to Musk's open ended statement about population by claiming that the answer to the supposed 'shortage of humans' is to create 'synthetic wombs' - okaaay...

Something tells me that the logic here is going to fall apart in about 5 seconds, but lets see. Vitalik jumps in 'spontaneously' with a reply highlighting that childbirth is so unfair for females, as they end up earning less after giving birth:

So, to recap - the claims made in this short period of spacetime are:

  • There aren't enough humans and we need more.. for .. reasons (Musk actually says it's to populate Mars.. Of course..).
  • Sahil Lavingia says the problem is that having children is too expensive and that more technology is the answer.
  • Vitalik also tries to sell synthetic wombs by highlighting the 'benefits' to women who aren't able to work 'hard enough' due to giving birth!! Of course, he frames it as if he is just thinking of their wallets, but the unescapable flipside is that they are working less hard for the wealthier people in society who own the corporations they are likely to work for in most cases.

Where to start guys... It's like we have to revisit the absolute bare basics of what life is and how to measure success here, but ok.

There's No Shortage of Humans

The global population of humans has surged for a variety of reasons, but in particular due tot he Harber process a method of access vast amounts of Nitrogen for industrial purposes which has led to a huge increase in the amount of food that can be produced on Earth. Naturally, we would not be able to produce anywhere near the amount of food that humans currently produce and the Harber process has been fundamental in allowing that to happen.

The idea that we 'lack humans' in a world where so many live a life of struggle that these technocrats can only imagine, is disgustingly absurd and needs to be called out. Who exactly are they thinking of here? Do they really expect us to think they care about the people involved? I will show you that they do not.

The pollutions levels on the planet and the degree of conflict and unnecessary 'commerce' on the planet is already at perilous levels due to the unnatural levels of humans - yet they want MORE!?

Bill Gates is busy selling us on depopulation and these guys are selling Population... Okaay.

The bottom line is that the Earth is a finite space, with finite resources and is already dangerously out of balance. The last thing we need is yet MORE unbalanced people being birthed without the necessary healing, balancing and evolving taking place. Hint: Removing Mothers from such important parts of the birth/Earth process is NOT evolution.

Having Children is Expensive By DESIGN - In order To Maintain Oligarchy

The high cost of child raising goes hand in hand with the high cost of most things at this point, compared to previous generations. There was a time when having children was virtually free because we relied on our own connection to the planet and each other instead of relying on imaginary power tokens (or slave credits as some people call them) - Money.

Those who manage the economies of the world, largely through simply holding the most resources and economic power, have absolutely no intention of giving up their position. One of the main methods they have of insuring this is by manipulating world events and markets to ensure that it is as tough as possible for others to catch up to them. The ability to covertly direct governments and directly influence corporations gives these people immense ability to castrate humanity's children via poor education, misinformation and abusive working circumstances that they force in due to individuals already having had their will and spirits broken at an early age - thus being unable to fight back.

While there are a variety of things needed to remedy this, SYNTHETIC WOMBS ARE NOT ONE OF THEM!

The absence of heart, compassion and balance in life is primarily due to DENIAL OF THE MOTHER in humans, taking place over many generations. Synthetic wombs are just the next step in this evil process and will lead to the annihilation of those involved. Motherly love is hugely lacking on Earth and it's absence is not evidence of a lack of it's necessity.

Women Are Meant to Be Helped By Men In Raising Children, By Design.

Last I checked, babies are both woman made and man made. Despite those who bizarrely insist on trying to change this while completely ignoring the need to fix the massive problem of DEATH (which they conveniently ignore), children are a creation of the union of male and female.

While it is possible to recreate some aspects of this process without human bodies, the resulting children will be hugely lacking spiritual presence, emotional integration, capacity to learn, heal, love, bond, emotionally move, evolve, be empathic and a variety of other key traits that ensure human survival. Synthetic wombs are the equivalent of white rice or McDonalds food - they 'look good' to an unempathic and ignorant mind, but they cause great harm when compared to the natural forms that have been with us all along.

If women lose 'money' through having children, then the idea is that the Father is meant to make up for that. The reality is that buying a house today is many, many times more expensive than it was just in the 1970s, yet wages have not increased anywhere near the amount needed to match this. If cost of living were balanced as compared to average incomes, any loss of 'earnings' women experience due to childbirth would be inconsequential and nothing in comparison to what is gained through the experience of a natural birth.

Mother / Child Bonding is KEY

The absolutely most essential point in all of this is that children MUST be able to bond with their Mother in a loving way in order to be health, happy and to feel loved. The current model of detaching children from a drugged up mother in cold, sterile hospitals is bad enough already - often producing emotionally confused, angry, detached and unstable children who rarely heal as they become adults. A huge amount of domestic violence, mental health problems, addictions and even murders/wars have their root in the lack of Motherly warmth that developing brains receive in the initial stages of life.

Developing brains are imprinted with a variety of signals and important information during pregnancy and after birth that set baselines which determine all manner of factors relating to body growth, emotionality and psychology of the child - all the way through into adulthood. Mess with these in an unloving way and you will get a terrifying result. Synthetic wombs are perhaps an ultimately terrible way to do this.

Despite Vitalik's attempt to sell this idea by bribing women into thinking they will have more money - the strategy is paper thin. I don't know exactly what is driving him and I would like to think that it is just ignorance and unhealthy attachment to external technology - but the reality is that femininity has been abused in every possible heartless way since Earth began.. And his post here looks to me to be absolutely in that vein (though he will never admit this most likely).


The word 'nature' stems from the French word 'Natir', meaning 'Birth'. Birth is SO Natural that the two words are connected directly in French and Latin languages. While many have not yet learned this, the absolute basis of creation itself is the union of the male and female principles. We see this in the way that the Sun outputs light and the Earth receives that light, converting it into life forms - Yang into Ying - output into receptivity. This is the same as with the male sperm into the female egg. All of this is as it is for reasons that are so far away from the level of understanding of these technocratic 'thought leaders' that I am genuinely terrified for humanity if it continues to view them as genius level drivers of human destiny.

There is so much to learn here and I ask each of you to move slowly enough here to be able to deeply feel and listen to the Mother within you as she tries to reach your mind that moves too quickly and is always looking for the next big 'hit' of self aggrandisement through creation of the external technology that gradually erodes your ability to live powerfully or at all.

Wishing you well,
Ura Soul

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Vitalik is a very smart person with some very 2100 year ideas in 2022.

I think eventually most of this biological birthing stuff will go away, it will be machines like in the matrix probably. I think the Matrix is a documentary.

that path leads only to destruction, humanity is bifurcating - some will go that way, the survivors will not.

I've also noted the war on nature, God and everything that is good, true and wholesome. Your excellent work here concentrates laser-like focus upon such an important topic. When I learned about the structured water inside us, understood AI needs us more than we need it, that was a monumental moment!

I'm grateful to have had the fortune of finding such a dependable source of relevant, hard hitting news and valuable intel. You're one of a handful of the very best on this platform. Much appreciated, @ura-soul!

Not sure if u do Telegram, but like to invite you to a chan if you're interested. Thanks for the kindness, my friend. I've saved some of your listed info/links to contact you in a more private setting.

Oh, thankyou for your kind words - I do what I can, despite those entities on Hive making it hard and trying to claim that the audience on Hive thinks about me the polar opposite of your statement here!

Yes, there a many people on Earth who hold extremely dysfunctional attitudes and energies - I don't so much aim to be received by them, but to point others to the situation so that they can better protect themselves!

The bottom line is that the Earth is a finite space, with finite resources and is already dangerously out of balance. The last thing we need is yet MORE unbalanced people being birthed without the necessary healing, balancing and evolving taking place. Hint: Removing Mothers from such important parts of the birth/Earth process is NOT evolution.

Talking about increasing the human population is not a welcomed idea because many existing in the world are living below poverty level. Creating synthetic womb babies could lead to abnormal people who would become a menace to the world. . it'll be good I these energies are channeled towards the suffering masses.

Absolutely, yes. Musk is literally saying he wants these people to populate Mars! It doesn't get more dystopian than creating disconnected beings without attachment to families, to go and populate a barren planet for the benefit of a billionaire club!

It would have been better to invest the resources that is proposed to be used to reproduce humans that will populate a barren planet in other to get more prestige. These billionaires should channel their resources to the less privileged of the world. Thanks for the reply

Absolutely, clean your room before travelling the world!

The idea that we 'lack humans' in a world where so many live a life of struggle that these technocrats can only imagine, is disgustingly absurd and needs to be called out. Who exactly are they thinking of here? Do they really expect us to think they care about the people involved? I will show you that they do not.

I believe that Elon Musk's tweet gives me reason to think that there's an uncovered agenda. Maybe he never wanted anyone to point at him if he had said 'the world's population is too much'. I could see wisdom and craftiness in Vitalik's tweet not wanting to implicate himself either. Like you had pointed out above that the world doesn't lack humans but the world lacks the adequate infrastructure to take care of the raising population. Only Nigeria, for instance, has about 200 million people and 60 to 70% unemployment amongst young people. People in Sub-saharan African needs help and they're talking about more humans. I think too much money and information becomes a problem to rich people. For the matter of synthetic womb and the inequalities between men and women in the women. I think there's freedom of choice to everyone on planet earth as propagated by the tenets of democracy. If choice is free, then the matter of inequalities between men and women should not be said at all. One can decide not to marry or give birth and also avoid to adopt a child give birth through reproduction between a man and woman. By the way thanks for stressing yourself to bring out this great points to my view.

Absolutely, yes, these people regularly try to use social media to seed ideas into the mass consciousness and often in a less than direct way. There is a very common problem in humanity, where the thought process is disconnected from emotionality (male disconnected from female) and this is actually reflected by a state called 'heartlessness'. This is very common among computer programmers and engineers, for obvious reasons. This is a huge part of why we need to be hyper cautious about the wealth and power amassed by such people.

Absolutely true, a friend of mine said that the agenda of the covid-19 vaccine might be to control the human mind and cartel billionaires are trying to have absolute control of the mind in order to bring their irrational attitudes to play. Thanks for the reply.

Whether that was the original intention or not, there are many people who will exploit any situation to try to further that goal, yes!

oh how hard is the consciousness of the fallen one trying to infect us... Not understanding the complexities of pregnancy & child bonding or just not taking them into consideration amazes me how people can be such puppets!

This is definitely part of the infowar.

Cheers & thank you for posting!

You are welcome - it's essential that we at least put focus into how the power structures of the planet are dealing with core life/death issues!

Great Posting - I think there will be a human die-off at some point due to vaccines and skyrocketing chronic diseases and that will allow "them" to repopulate with semi-organic\synthetic creatures using artificial wombs - The goal of General Intelligence is to create a synthetic world and a synthetic god requiring the killing of the feminine to bypass of the gender principle altogether

Thanks! I'm sure there are some people who are planning along those lines, but there are also bigger moves taking place on a larger scale that can counteract that - however, we all have to play our part - so to speak.

Not under my watch!

A wonderful reply to their twisted logics...I only wish they could see this post

Unfortunately none of my most salient posts gain traction on Twitter at all. If they do then the accounts that promote them tend to get deleted! Interestingly, I passed on a Joe Rogan based meme recently that did go viral and Elon Musk remade it and tweeted it himself 24h and 1 minute later. I'll leave the enquiry into the maths of that to you all!

I'm still going to share it, who knows, they might be silently reading it...😃

Thanks! I think you'd be surprised by who is really reading posts like this.. The issue is that they prevent it's spread, thanks for helping!

Babies are alive and learning in the womb, already forming relationships. (Proof? They come out knowing their mother's voice (and father's if he's present during the pregnancy)). Women are transformed through the process of being pregnant (hormones, brain patterns, and more) and their bodies are perfectly designed to support a little one before and after birth. This entire process forms a deep bond with mother and baby. This bond is the most important first relationship the baby will have and it is foundational to the baby's emotional security later in life (there's a growing body of research). A synthetic womb could NEVER adequately replace a real womb. Furthermore, it's not ethical to even try.

Second, we should examine that pay gap data a bit more. Maybe the problem is that too many women lack well paying jobs at good companies to start with? I know women who took parental leave and came back to a great paying job and positions of leadership. It could be earlier in the funnel where we have the problem.

Yes, mothering is the most undervalued and abused part of the process of being human. Many people have demonstrated that 'the pay gap' between men and women is over-exaggerated, but it's no something I have studied in depth so I don't know either way for sure. The main argument being that due to parenting, women work less hours than men on average and so are seen to earn less statistically. Again, I don't know if this is true or not.
Fundamentally, the wealth gap is between the tiny percentage of 'richest' people and everyone else - fix this and many other things are fixed.. However, this can't be done with simple maths, it is a situation that needs to be addressed at it's root causes.

Authists can not rly deal with this kind of stuff. Within their mind this is totally right, they could not bond, so they do not even aware it’s need. For them birth as a computational
process is just totally fine.

I actually know some autistic people who are very emotionally aware (more than most people).. However, the disconnect in most people from real emotions and the coldness of our modern society means that actually, now, the majority of people are lost emotionally and unable to bond. It is going to take a lot of work to correct this, but it is the most important job humanity has, by a long way.

Vitalik has and still does looks like he just walked out of a twentieth century concentration camp. Elon Musk and Vitalk are a controlled opposition to the carbon-bad, humans-bad, quit having children and die quick argument.

Whatever they are, their backgrounds and projects are not evidence of being grounded enough to make decisions that affect the foundations of life itself!

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Omg haha tbh I’m down with this one I would 10000 percent let my Bf carry the baby if we have one. I have no issues giving up that roll at all!

For once, I disagree with you

That's a good thing - if we agreed on everything, then there's something wrong in our discourse

I've found the idea of "pod wombs" very tempting. So long as it is done with informed consent, great safety measures, and of course FULL CONSENT (I know I said consent before, but "look, if you demand having babies the old way, we're going to have to..." is not consent), what's the issue?

Many mothers take pregnancy very hard. They can't handle the pain of childbirth, the food binges, the inability to move freely, and the hormonal disruptions. Why should they be denied the right to a baby for being "weak" (or for whatever reason, unable?)
For every heartfelt "oh my god, he's kicking!" moment, I've heard far more "oh god, he's kicking again... I wish it would stop". I know that if I were a woman I would opt the hell out of it.

That is not to say that pods are the way. All I'm saying is that as a safe option/alternative, this is definitely a way for many mothers. Especially those who may otherwise have issues during the pregnancy itself.

The issue is the effect on the child. Children born without a deep and loving bond to a living Mother are essentially damaged immediately in deep ways, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually. The trouble this is causing the world is building to unsustainable levels - even due to hospital births, let alone synthetic wombs.

Loving mothers are needed now. Men and women can mostly all (presently) have children, but they do nothing to help themselves or the planet if they do not do so in full love (which few are at present). Rights are simply what is right and it is not right to have children who are only going to experience suffering for a long time as a result of inappropriate incarnation processes.

This book is outstanding on this topic.