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Yesterday, I visited one of my friends here in Lagos state Nigeria. It was 4 hours of discussion about life generally and business ideas, what an impactful meeting full of new ideas🤭. This lady is full of positive energy and I hardly have an encounter with her without learning one new positive thing.

She has been an amazing friend for some years now. A success-driven woman, goal-oriented, and quality passion for life. The very day I was confused about the business to venture into while doing my stay-at-home mum duties, I ran to her and she gave me the idea of joining a real estate company, wow! It's been a win-win all along and her assistant has been top-notch. I love her positivity in so many ways and I am already influenced by her actions, however, I am glad to have this kind of healthy influence 🤗


You see, the type of circles of friends you have matter a lot! They are capable of shaping your life either for good or bad. First of all, you need to set your goals in life and be sure that you and your friends have similar goals otherwise you might be influenced negatively. Some people don't have a life vision, they just live their life on whatever the day unfolds to them.

I use to have that kind of friend before but the moment I discovered her way of life, I told myself that we can't work together, then I try influencing her into having goals in her life and working towards achieving them but she prefer to live life, depend only on her husband money, party almost every weekend at the most happening places in Lagos where you will have to pay huge amount of money to purchase a ticket, wear the latest hair in town, etc. Then to crown it all, she is a Christian but doesn't like going to church instead she complains about me attending church programs. It's obvious we are parallel lines that cannot meet, so I gave her some space before she influences me negatively. The truth is that, if I haven't defined my life goals, I would have joined her as a friend in whatever she does and that's why we must have circles of friends with similar life goals as ours.

Life is a choice and we are entitled to the choices we make in life. I have chosen a path I know it's fine and I try not to be distracted by the noises around.

What a good meal while sharing new ideas yesterday with Amiable, though I forgot to capture the food before devouring it 🤩🤩


This is white soup (Ofe nsala)

I also had a shot with her two adorable daughters, so brilliant kids 🥰


My son was just all over me as if I am going to vanish into the thin air..hehehe



So out of my other amazing friends, Amiable here is a positive life influencer and I am holding her tight 🤩. Hint: hold your good friends in high esteem, don't be selfish too, share ideas, grow and win together👌

Thanks for reading, till we meet again in my next blog.

Hope you got value?

Note: All pictures posted here are mine taken with my cell phone


You've spoken so well Ma'am, indeed our circle of friends matters a lot. Sometimes we find it hard to let go of some friends because they have a lot to offer us socially, financially and otherwise except morally. But I'm sure that your first friend has some of these things but you were still able to know she's not a good influence on you.

You are one lucky woman to have such an inspiring friend, I hope to get one like her and more too.

I learned that we should value our true friends and always appreciate them fir what they do.

Thank you so so much for always sharing good lessons with us.

Oh my God😊
What a comment👌💪
Thank you so much sweet lady

Sometimes we find it hard to let go of some friends because they have a lot to offer us socially, financially and otherwise except morally.

You are very right , I enjoyed so many things about her socially and finacially but at a time , I needed to tell myself the raw truth .

Glad you got value👍

You're welcome Ma'am, your beautiful post brought such comments from me, so thank you 🙈.

It's not easy sha, I've once been enticed by some of these things even when my friend was not a good influence I was still following her because I find it very difficult to let go of those things. But God made her relocate to a different place and that was how I was saved 😂😂.

Yes I did added more value to myself and it's all thanks to this amazing woman 😘❤️.

Oh, glad you were saved !🤩🤩🤩😉👍

Yes oo, I was 😁😁.

Wow...that's awesome. I am glad you had a great time there.

Truly the friends we keep go a long way in shaping the things we do, either positively or negatively. No wonder the saying 'tell me your friends and I will tell you who you are'. And most importantly, as you rightly said, when we define our goals for life, we won't be easily swayed by friends who have the opposite opinion.

You got my points, my dear.
Your contribution is well valued 👍👌.
Thanks for reading

You're very welcome ma

You are looking so gorgeous with those kids 😍
Thanks friend for sharing ☺️

Thank you plenty 😊

You see, the type of circles of friends you have matter a lot! They are capable of shaping your life either for good or bad.

So true

Thanks 🤗

Kimon hot mama😍😍😍😍😍

Please come and share ideas ooo. We need to make this money

My newish actress
I couldn't stop laughing at the movie between you and Emmanuela...oh you are too good on that 🤩👍💪👌

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Thanks for the curation👍

She seems like a great person from your description, and that's the kind of people we should surround ourselves with.

Our leagues of friends goes a long way determine how people we see us, so friends can either made or mar our image.

You are right vic and we have to be conscious of the friends we make.

Thanks for reading 👍

Exactly, I pray God help us to choose wisely.

Yay! 🤗
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Trust is the key word here. When two people or more are willing and able to trust each other, that is not just friendship, that is intimacy.
I'm glad you had spent your time and found the best person to spend with. I know how you feel. And now, after reading your stories, I'm missing my closest friends too. ☹️☹️☹️

Great post my friend I enjoyed it keep up the great work 👍🏾 @tipu curate 2