My First Mechanical Gaming Keyboard!

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Hi, Geeks! This is my first blog in this community and happy to share my first purchase of a mechanical gaming keyboard.

I was not really looking for a new keyboard, but one time I stumbled into @kneelyrac and saw a matcha-colored keyboard. Oh, a keyboard can be fun, I thought to myself. My keyboard is just the basic, black keyboard, and has no special features at all. This is when I start looking for a keyboard that has a nice design and ergonomic features.


Since I do not have time to go in physical shops, I always opted to go online. In the Philippines, we have two major online shopping platforms which are Lazada and Shopee. When I am looking for gadgets, I trust Lazada more than Shopee. I think they really go thoroughly with their sellers' products in assessing the authenticity.

There were many choices of keyboards and I was overwhelmed. So what I did was jot down the features that I like. What I was looking for in a keyboard are nice key sound, compatibility with OS, nice aesthetics, rechargeable, and wireless. I was really specific about the color because I want to match it with the rest of my gadgets.

I ended up buying the RAKK Lam-Ang Pro Wireless RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. I paid 43.10 USD (58 PHP = 1 USD~). It was a smooth process in buying, no hiccups at all. What I was annoyed with was the shipping process. It took more than a week for the item to be received.


The package came with a thick layers of bubble wrap and tapes. I was impressed on how that take care of buyer's purchase. This is how the box of the keyboard looked like. The specifications and features were written in the box for a quick look. Nothing fancy but it is very informative.

Series: Lam-ang Pro Barebone RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard PBT and Mechanical Switch
Bluetooth 5.0 wireless Gaming Mechanical keyboard
PBT Doubleshot Keycaps
Kailh Universal Hotswap
5 pin Switch Compatibility
2000mAh battery
48hours battery before drain
87 key Standard QWERTY Layout (ANSI)
Modular TKL Mechanical keyboard
1000Hz Ultra Polling Rate
USB pass-through Port
Type C Braided Cable
Fully Modular
Dedicated Volume and Brightness Control
Windows and Mac Compatible
Ergonomic Designed Keyboard,
Anti-Ghosting & N- Key Rollover
Over 16 Million Colors

I honestly was surprised that you have to build your own keyboard. I think I missed that part in the description. Oh, well, I have no choice but to read the manuals, lol. I received a total of six items- manuals, a charger cord, the keyboard, caps, pull remover, and switches. I got a bit intimidated because it was my first time diy-ing a keyboard.


The skeleton of the keyboard with no switches and key caps

The keyboard was pretty heavy itself. Probably because of the built-in battery and all the mechanics inside. I like the black back color and the white cover. It is very simple and can be matched to any color.

What I liked more is that it was a rollover button for the sound and the brightness of the keyboard lights. It was satisfying to use it, hehe. At the upper side is where the charger port is and a USB pass-through port.


Putting the switches one by one.

Time to put those switches! It has very tiny, fine two sticking metals. I was so careful not to bend those because the keys will not work when pressed. There were extra two switches, so instead of 87 key switches, 89 key switches were given. I freaking bent 4 key switches, ugh. Glad that I managed to still fixed those or else, I will lose my marbles thinking about how I can mess this up.


The two extra switches. The right one was bent.

Next were the keycaps. I made sure that I put the letters in the right places. This was easy to do but time-consuming to make. It was satisfying to hear the clicking sound.


Putting the key caps one by one. Almost done.

After building this keyboard, I tested the wired and Bluetooth features. It turned out smooth and had no hassle at all. The keys are responding well, no ghosting of any keys. Also tried playing with the light colors. There were a lot of colors, light modes and patterns but these two are my favorite.



Before buying this keyboard, I researched about the make company so I was sure that this mechanical gaming keyboard is a good buy. With the price, I was so suprised how good the quality is. It is satisfying to hear the takatak sound when I am typing, especially when I am blogging. The color light also gives me the mood to be productive. The battery lasts for 5 days with a single charge for an hour. I use my keyboard about six hours a day on average.

Over a week of using this mechanical keyboard, I did not encountered any problem at all. One thing that I had a hiccup with was the deliver that took more than a week for the item to arrive. This did not matter at all as long as the item is delivered without damaged or got lost.

I am so happy that I purchased this keyboard. It was indeed a good buy! I recommend this brand if you are looking for a budget-friendly mechanical gaming keyboard.

Also, if you happen to look for other gaming products such as speakers, mice, computer fans, mouse pads, table, and even chairs, you might want to visit their official website on the link provided below. This is a local brand (Philippines) so I am not too sure if they shipped internationally. They also have a customer services through Facebook Messenger so might as well check their offfical Facebook page.

Check out Rakk's official website here

My over all rating is 9/10!

Hmm, what's next? Should I buy keycaps? (My wallet is crying right now-)

If you are interested with the product click here

That is it for this blog. I will see you at the next one!
📸 All photos are owned and taken by me, otherwise credited. ©️jijisaurart


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Ahhhh, ang cutie. Worth it and 43.10 usd, my goodness ang mehel pa rin lol. But well, if ganito naman kaganda oks na oks na diba. Can't really relate coz I dont have a p.c huehue very sad me aigoo

It is indeed cute, specially the takatak sound, haha! I know someday that you will have a PC too! It is closer than you know, Ruff Ruff!

Here is a !PIZZA for you!

is this your secret why you type fast Ji? hehe
I don't yet have a keyboard and planning to buy one. I guess I will be checking this one.


I have not tried using this for the games yet, ate. But it has an anti-ghosting which you can press lightly the keys. I do hope people also has anti-ghosting feature ngii 🤣

Haha, may kasamang hugot pala

I honestly was surprised that you have to build your own keyboard.

I was surprised too but I thought I am out of date with the latest as it's been ages since I have bought a keyboard. They should have given you a large discount for the work you have to do 😂

However, it looks nice, so enjoy it!

Totally! 🤣 I spent an hour figuring this out, haha! I actually got a discount on the shipping fee. Thanks for dropping by! 😊

Beautiful device, i never had a really "good keyboard" but it has to feel amazing.

I'm going to check that brand

Thank you! It is indeed a beautiful design and mechanical. Worth the buy. Thanks for dropping by, Richard!

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oh... i thought these keyboards cost a leg! hehee thanks for sharing.. i might get one too!

The price is good for a nice quality keyboard like this. Also, it is a Filipino brand! A plus for me!

That takatak sound tho. When I unintentionally budoled you, Ji. What a feeling! hehe You should try a dino keycap resin (for jijisaur) and place it on ESC.

I love mechanicals keyboards, if I had have to build my own kayboard I definitely would have messed it up. Mine is black and wireless, and also rechargable, I love it.

Nice! First bump! I am also a fan of wireless. Wired makes my setup messy!

todavia no e tenido la oportunidad de comprarme uno, te quedo espectacular, yo tengo uno de membrana

Thank you so much! I really like the aesthetic and the feautures!

Wow this is a great contribution to those who use this device

Ang lakas maka productive pag may takatak sounds ang keyboard! Grabe if I was my impulsive self for sure I also bought this one because of this post pero I will not be marupok anymore plus I just bought one in Lazada too may takatak sounds din naman sya!

Re the authenticity of Shopee and Lazada. OO nga ano, I never had any problems with Lazada orders but for Shopee nakooow minsan sayang ang pera.

Also, I got pissed with Shopee's 1% added fee on cash-in. This is a punishment from me not buying from them anymore, ugh! Gotta love Lazada's more free shipping vouchers too!


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Nice buy! Want to hear the takatak too! I bet it’s so satisfying esp for keyboard warriors 🤣

Aesthetic! I love it sis. I used to see more of these in Megan Young's Facebook stories.

You are officially a gamer!