Kingston KC600 SSD and giving an old laptop a new lease on life. with comparisons~

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This is a Kingston KC600 256GB SATA SSD, unlike what Kingston SSDs are known for, this variant is a High Performance Device. this one is designed to fight the Samsung EVO 860 SATA SSD, and sold at a price matching it.

my friend is trying to sell an old laptop and is asking me for what should be done to make it more enticing for it to be sold. after inspecting it, I told him to upgrade the internal hdd to a ssd.

now this SSD, Kingston KC600 is not what I expected he would buy. this SSD is overkill for this laptop. I was thinking more of a SSD with a price tag of about 30+/- usd(1,500 PHP) and not a SSD with a price tag of $50+ USD(2,650PHP)

but things happen and here we are.

HEHE, this time I have metrics to compare before and after.


Metrics of the HDD in the laptop. (it's barely used and recently formatted)


Metrics of the new SSD in the laptop. (VROOM!)


The difference is noticeable, everything is snappier and it halved the boot time.

But I think this High Performance SSD is overkill for this laptop.

but It's done and it is great.

Thanks for Reading.


This is good advice. I have two old laptops that I use for printing and scanning. I might be able to get a good price if I upgraded to an SSD. Or maybe just give it to my niece as backup for her online class. 😁


it is a big improvement. starting after windows 7, the direction is that the future Windows Operating Systems are going to be installed on a SSD and this gap in performance is even more notable in Windows 11.

I didn't know that they were going this direction before. My new "katas ng HIVE" laptop running Windows 11 is doing well and I guess it has an SSD installed. I didn't check before buying. LOL

naol! hahaha.



Hahaha... 😂

SANAOL! may crystaldiskmark tsukumo tokka edition at crystaldiskinfo shizuku edition!

!pizza !luv !lolz



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