Excel Formula Flexing!

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Hi fellow Excel fans,

Recently I got to have a lot of fun with some great Excel formulas!

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Excel Formula Flexing

One of the things that I love to do is monkey around in Excel with some data. I unfortunately won't be doing what I have been doing for the past few years since I switched jobs but you never know! I got really good at doing things in Excel so maybe my new company will appreciate that and I can do some of this stuff on the side for them?

What I was doing in these situations was looking at things for timeframes. The first one was trying to determine what part of the day something was done on. The particular individual was looking to figure out what was done between the hours of 0700 and 1900 for one piece then the other was looking from 1901 to 0659. Converting all of this stuff into military time really saved a whole lot of headache!

Thankfully with the data I got, and this really great formula, I was able to have Excel do the calculations for me and make simple work out of what would have taken hours per dataset! I ended up using this same exact formula three additional times after the first go-round! I was so thankful I did what I did.

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The other formula piece I used was to look at what took over an hour and what took less than an hour. Turnaround times are an important piece of information for folks in many areas so I was more than happy to oblige. I have worked with turnaround times quite a bit over the years since that's a very popular item to request but this was my first time doing the calculations myself instead of having the software I got the data out of, doing it for me. I was happy with the result, since the same files I reference above were utilizing both of these formulas. Three files with this stuff ended up being a whole lot of fun!

=IF(AH2="","",IF(AH2>(--"1:00:00"),"Over 1 Hour","Less Than 1 Hour"))


I know not everyone is as excited for Excel work like this but I enjoyed it and had fun doing it and learning. If only I could do stuff like this more often and get paid decent money to do it lol oh well, hopefully it will help in the long run! I know my wife still uses her Excel skills now that we have our small business. She's doing quite a bit of calculations and all that to satisfy what she's looking for but at the same time to keep up with her skills.

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I work on excel every day and these days excel is quite a popular tool in organizations. I will give a try to this formula in excel. Helpful artcile.

Thanks for checking it out! Excel is a really fun program to use and if you can get good at it, can be very effective to do things in a fast amount of time. I got very good with using Power Query in excel and it turned massive datasets into a walk in the park for a lot of common operations! One of the things is to have a use case for the things you are playing around with. We can all have information we like to play around with but you'll learn things a lot faster and smoother by having a good use case for an end result you want to achieve.

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