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Mining Crypto

Mining Crypto takes many forms, when talking legitimate crypto mining Mining Games & Simulations are rarely taken seriously. A year ago you would be laughed at just for bringing them up, In recent times these games / simulations have had an increase in their profitability. As their profitability increased so to did their legitimacy & acceptance.

cloud mining.gif

Many crypto adopters dabble in mining then give up as its unrealistic for most setups. For instance my power costs are the second highest by region in the U.S.

That being said I am a slow learner & have actually mined crypto in several different ways. Including cloud mining, GPU mining, & CPU mining also POS mining but that's just staking.

Fun fact this Crypto Tab mining in my case is CPU based & SDM Server Dependent Mining mixed together via my own pool.

I'm grandfathered in & only paid $40 one time to make $400 through cryptotab though I believe now its monthly I paid 1 time.

Though I know Crypto Tab isn't really mining in the traditional sense.

Eventually I abandoned my traditional mining pursuits focusing instead on play to earn games and NFTs. Funny how I shifted focus & the topic finds its way back to mining.

Now I find myself buying into these mining games & simulations, Shows what listening to your detractors gets you wasted time.

BTC mining cartoon.gif

Let me know in the comments if you mine & how your mining IE what form of mining. Personally I liked Boid Cloud mining but its far less profitable then Play to Earn & NFTs so I gave up.

APE Mining

APE Mining is a newer mining simulation here on the HIVE blockchain. I believe APE is Connected to STEM so my fellow nerds are calling the shots here which is why I stared investing in APE mining.


APE mining is done via a mining Simulation meant to simulate crypto mining but its not actual crypto mining.

I had purchased cloud & CPU mining in game but recently I bought a GPU mining unit for my profile. I waited for my other purchases to generate the APE required for the GPU mining unit.


Though yes the price dropped the APE crypto & now the STEM crypto has a focus on a burn use case as well as the production mechanism.

One thing you need with crypto is a burn use case without one your doomed to fail as a project.

So APE mining while very basic has a few things going for it already some minor changes going forward & I have faith in this project surviving.

Prices of APE have been rather low lately so now is a good time to check out APE Mining Club.



Has to be my favorite mining lately though yes its a form of liquidity mining its facilitated by NFT market usage so I'm counting it.

So WAX accounts buying or selling NFTs on Nefty Blocks for the next 10 years generate $NEFTY via its NFT market liquidity mining.


The Nefty Blocks Market usage determines the amount of $NEFTY distributed via the mining mechanism every Wednesday. Your Nefty Blocks usage combined with total transactions the proceeding week & amount of $NEFTY your account staked determines payout.


Play to earn games like Splinterlands for example pay users NFTs quite often for a reward for playing. If you sell these anyway you should now sell them on Nefty Blocks P2P market.


All NFTs you sell will add to the $NEFTY your account mines, giving you an additional reward on top of revenue from the sale.


The next few Games ill mention Zombie Coin Miner & alien worlds NFTs can also be bought & sold here.


NFTs directly from the producer can be bought in WAXP or $NEFTY, buying in $NEFTY gets you immediate cash back & double the $NEFTY mining power.

$NEFTY used this way is burned & the vendor from which you purchased the NFT(s) is given WAXP.

That's a good burn use case & solid distribution mechanism both of which promote NFT market health. I will go out on a limb & say this is one of the best projects outside of Splinterlands in the world of NFTs.


Profoundly close minded statements aside, the average NFT portfolio is mostly based in ETH, POLYGON, or BSC. While I may be wrong I feel HIVE, WAX, & EOS are the future of NFTs & play to earn games.

Honestly WAX + ETH markets may soon see NFT collections merging Blockchains together more & more.

So in the event the markets combine strengths making up for what the other lacks NFTs may be the driving market in the Blockchain industry.


Since the WAX EVM (Electronic Virtual Machine) ETH / WAX bridge is currently under development those less familiar with WAX may want to learn about the WAX NFT market.

$NEFTY mining on Nefty Blocks & its mechanism for mining is an example of how the right info going in makes a difference.

Pro NFT Market tip

If your playing Splinterlands you know new packs launch soon, In my experience WAX Splinterlands NFT market tends to have bigger spenders. This is important when selling something rare or expensive.


For those unaware the Splinterlands Game account can be linked with your WAX wallet. You can send Splinterlands NFTs to & from WAX & your in game HIVE account.

These WAX / HIVE Splinterlands markets while connected differ wildly in price on occasion. You can buy Credits A payment type in game with WAX buy packs or cards in game then send them to WAX.


Cross reference both markets & you can make a killing doing this cycling your WAX profit.

All info I have given out before so why bring this up at all, Simple the process now deserves an addendum.

Specifically when your selling Splinterlands NFTs on WAX use Nefty Blocks to do so.


P2P selling recently became possible through Nefty Blocks, doing so qualifies that account to mine $NEFTY for that week.


I did this without this added $NEFTY mining benefit or high market prices we have now (if unclear those are just WAX Splinterlands sale figures shown above).

Only problem with selling your Splinterlands NFTs is you loose SPS airdrop points at least this way you gain $NEFTY mining points.


By this time next year the bottom number should be over $20,000 in Splinterlands NFTs sold for me at least.

Honestly if you include HIVE the Total sales from just my Splinterlands portfolio are well over $20,000 already.

Revenue far north of $10,000 on the Splinterlands NFT colection alone.


So when I say this is a Pro tip I'm not joking $NEFTY Ming & the Nefty Blocks P2P market are game changing developments.

I do well when you do well this is my only reason to share this info, as long as we are in the same market / blockchain your success helps us all.

Zombie Coin Miner

An NFT colection based off Nefty Blocks Zombie Coin Miner Is a Game, but only in the vaguest of definitions of the word Game.

Realistically its not a game but an NFT colection with single NFT packs accessible via wallet Whitelisting(s) connected to NFT ownership.

Sounds complex but its simple you own the right NFTs you can buy these mission packs.

Most mission packs contain crap but occasionally you find a Mine or something really rare. Mine ownership is very valuable as it pays out WAAX to the owner when depleted.

I Got a Mine before so this isn't some BS they are just extremely rare.

That being said I believe the Zombies tasked with mining find better NFTs then the Mine ownership.


Why bother if all these NFTs serve no function after buying or finding them?

Same reason your reading this post a bribe

unfollow family guy.gif

No the airdrops give you a reason to check these posts out, their filled with useful info upvotes pay for the airdrop. Just giving you your own earned money back & dropping some knowledge in the process.

However the Zombie Coin Miner bribe is much larger


So needless to say the monthly grand prize has these NFTs in High demand & this gives the NFT colection time to evolve.

While far from perfect definitely not fun & all the other glaring issues aside with this colection they have shown promise in their Burn Blend use case. There are talks of implementing NFT DeFi making their ZBC a WAX alt instead of its current form as an NFT.


Collections like this that should have died out but instead show constant improvement get my attention as an NFT vendor.


For instance I Decided to do this write up partially due to their new Brest cancer support Mining tickets on sale now in support of breast cancer awareness month.

Utilizing $NEFTY to purchase mission packs minimizes loss on the overall expenditure necessary to profit.

Dont try & get the grand prize from the leader board just sell NFTs to the people trying to.


Todays lucky readers get everything necessary to Mine 3 times, a Zombie NFT, a Pick Axe NFT (repaired), & a Bike NFT.

devider moving.gif

Not only can you with these NFTs open (play) the provided missions (Packs) but your white listed to buy more Mining Mission Tickets (Packs).


Given these limited edition Brest cancer awareness month Packs have special limited edition NFTs which have a high point value & a yet unannounced blend use case.

Now is the time to stock up on these Mission tickets (packs) & NFTs the Lucky readers will be able to do just that as they will be whitelisted.

White listing works as follows

The Citizen NFT = Whitelisting chop ticket = lumber when opened

Explorer + Shovel = Exploration ticket white listing

Zombie + Pick Axe = Mining Ticket

These and many more expensive NFTs come from this ticket, The Mining Ticket todays lucky reader gets every NFT needed to use + get every type of mining Ticket from their market.

Special edition Mining tickets you will also be whitelisted to purchase / use if your one of the lucky readers.

With a Vehicle NFT you get access to double the drops of each type except for Chopping Tickets (Normal Citizen).

Blend use cases are ever changing with this colection, as it seems the Devs are coming up with this stuff on the fly.

Now this mechanic is a bit more impressive then it seems at first glance as this is a super blend. Super blends combine multiple NFTs of different types & sometimes other NFT collections.


These NFTs obtained via super blends either have utility function or grant you TAV points on the leader board.


Yeah just an unrelated visual Brag Here

Took months & I had to buy a pack for roughly $10 but KOGs While sitting a while sell really high.


These where both KOGs series 2, series 3 packs soon will no longer be on sale by the company.

The single pack Price:28.89 WAX($8.00) for a 12 count pack

Now is perhaps the last chance to get a decent deal on these packs. I haven had the luck I did last series but the recent series those packs can have NFTs worth thousands, my largest sale from series 3.


Also good time to stock up on packs to upcharge on later.
Drop link above last 12 days time to buy while you can.


Sh!t your not going to believe this I opened a pack as I was writing this & got 👆 + another 11 NFTs for $8 you see why this is a good deal may want to get a pack while you can.

mr meseags.gif

Alien Worlds

Now I cant say I even like this play to earn Game or NFT colection, While I dont like Alien Worlds I do respect it.

Why the distinction then, Alien worlds play to earn game is just clicking Mine on repeat & has been like that since launch.

The game play or lack there of aside Aline worlds has the best land plot system in the NFT Industry.

So what makes it special, Land plot & planetary governance gives a level of customization to each plot of land without equal.

For instance Crypto Monkeys

Monkeys nft shoper.gif

These NFTs are a BANO off shoot NFT colection on WAX, other then the secondary market you cant buy these NFTs.

You either Mine them Via their Planet on Alien Worlds or win them through other services / Monkey farming.

Its due to this expert utilization of their land plot system I respect the game I hate Alien Worlds.

Gamer recognize Game

Yeah its due to their expert implementation of land plots planets & governance coupled with the fact Binance has their own planet in development. That I keep repeating they had a recent update to gameplay buy now.


I hate the game & yet I know its something special fully launched it would be something legendary. Assuming they just have a rally in sales due to the newly improved burn blend use case.

You would still want to have money in alien worlds NFTs or better yet their Crypto TLM. This was the #1 Blockchain Game in the world for months & Now they are updating game play 2 reasons I'm dusting off my Alien Worlds NFTs & going mining.

A free play to earn game not fun but profitable even with the current market prices.

Best Blockchain Game in the world


According to Dapp Radar Splinterlands has finally taken its rightful place as Most popular Blockchain Game in the world.

Nice that reality is finally agreeing with my opinion, Knew you could do it way to go Splinterlands your the GOAT.

fry shocked shocked.gif

Always knew it even when the market had no clue I knew Splinterlands was number 1.

Quick game play tip until the new packs launch the Water Splinter (element) is very overpowered.

That team is near unbeatable

Use this summoner


I know I cant believe I'm missing this card either I'm not perfect just damn close.

With these 3 cards



This new legendary card above is over powered AF, finally the 3rd
card is


Other 2 cards are interchangeable the three above + this summoner you cant loose, Rent them all if you have to, you can thank me later.

This combo is able to ignore armor & 2 out of 3 are resistant to magic. Summoner gives both legendary cards +1 to magic attack. This means per round just those 2 cards do 5 Damage that cant miss & ignores armor.

To boot they have some of the highest speed in the game, guessing there will be a Game play update after the new packs launch making this combo less commonly used.

However it works now Get that DEC stack it up while you got this game play exploit.





Above is where most of my profit goes lately A Diesel pool on tribal Dex for DEC & SPS. Doing this I increase my SPS payout &am able to keep a greater SPS payout.
Liquidity pools fluctuate based on market demand & usage of that trading platform. They can be dangerous so use liquidity pools with cation.


This is current market value of half that liquidity pool shown above the DEC half to be exact here's the SPS.


A little over 3,000 in liquid Revenue from a game in 90 days, This doesn't take into account my other wallets & forms of revenue such as assets & in game balance.

I'm not saying you will be rich but I haven't been broke in over a year now, where as that was quite normal before HIVE & Splinterlands.

So I would appreciate you use my referral if not playing Splinterlands yet.

Airdrop(s) How to

Two Airdrops Go out per post First to Hive then to PublishOx later that day. Making these airdrops random has helped to keep everything fair literally any reader can win. Airdrops like this are afordable as well making the revenue from posts go even further.

Thats why I keep publishing staggered & the same goes for the secondary airdrop Ill put the URL of the second airdrop PublishOx posts in the comments of the Hive posts. Ill tweet about every post.


This will all start with the normal Hive post with airdrop & shortly after publishOx has the same post with a second airdrop check twitter for a quick reference.


One of 2 WAX NFT airdrops, containing 6 NFTs each posted first to Hive then shortly after a second one goes on my post to Publish OX.

You can find updates here & ill try to post the second URL from PublishOx in the comments.


Todays lucky readers get everything needed for Zombie Coin Miner mining sim on Nefty Blocks. That's a NFT mining 2 for 1

I'm fairly certain you will be white listed to purchase more tickets if you have issues message me on Hive Via the comments

Please this is more important then ever to let others know in the comments, & thanks for participating enjoy your NFTs lucky reader.

Trigger a HIVE tip Bot Comment your WAX address & get a WAX NFT

2 for 1 on triggering !PIZZA bot I'm currently running a special


2 WAX NFTs just trigger Pizza Bot & comment your WAX wallet address.

Social Media Second airdrop link PublishOX

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Join publish Ox
I accept donations if you feel like supporting more fantastic airdrops & ok posts. You can share / upvote via HIVE or PublishOx.

Donate WAX NFTs or Crypto here:


or here
My Twitter is linked to both Mask Network & Brave content creators, so you can also donate MASK or BAT to my twitter.
Under no obligation to do so it simply goes to increase the Airdrops & Possible future NFT give away events.

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Part 1 NFT & Game Mining

I'm going to try a series with this Post being the first exploring different earning mechanisms with NFTs. Such as Mining, Staking, Farming, Play to Earn, & Airdropping NFT Collections.


Thanks for this useful and informative post
@tipu curate

Yeah no problem happy to share NFT info, #alienworldsralley was trending on twitter

Had no idea about the $nefty, will definitely look into it! Thanks for sharing!

Yeah its like WAX blockchains best kept secret, But when you move high volumes of NFTs on WAX $NEFTY mining can really add up.

Thanks for the nfts 😊

Thanks for letting the other readers know & participating in the airdrop enjoy the NFTs

Currently I do no mining. I am keeping really busy with the Play to Earn. I need to learn to balance my time better between all the games.

Wax id: gxpe4.wam

Yeah juggling the games I always forget about shit its a big ask to keep track of them all, I sent a Crypto Brew Master WAX NFT this time
Above is how to send the NFTs in to the game or to your WAX wallet

Thanks. I really appreciate it. I play CryptoBrewMaster but still in the early stages of figuring it all out. This will help out.

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