Fraying mantis

praying mantis that I found among the bushes, did you know that grasshoppers are included Insects that can rotate their heads 180 degrees.

And the category of very loyal animals,This male praying mantis is even willing to die.

This Insect has a habit of making love this animal has a habit of making love The female grasshopper Immediately eat the male grasshopper head as soon as they are married.

This insect can camouflage well So it looks like leaves, twigs, flowers and so on,So it is not recognized by other predatory animals.

Mantises are an order (Mantodea) of insects that contains over 2,400 species in about 460 genera in 33 families. The largest family is the Mantidae ("mantids"). Mantises are distributed worldwide in temperate and tropical habitats. They have triangular heads with bulging eyes supported on flexible necks. Their elongated bodies may or may not have wings, but all Mantodea have forelegs that are greatly enlarged and adapted for catching and gripping prey; their upright posture, while remaining stationary with forearms folded, has led to the common name praying mantis.Wikipedia










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