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The following photographs were taken in the springtime of 2021.


Sometimes, when photographing insects or spiders, it happens that the model lands on your hand or camera. Many small creatures that show the tendency to run away at first, after some time become accustomed to the human presence and continue their activities like you aren't there. If you are silent and quiet of course.


Here you can see the Melitaea phoebe butterfly ...


... on the finger of a friend that was often photographing and exploring around with me in that period. She followed the butterfly across the meadow. Every time she got close enough and was ready to take a shot, the insect flew away. After almost half an hour she gave up and sat down, slightly irritated by the experience. Very soon the same butterfly landed on her shoulder and then flew to her hand. Since the butterfly was on the finger, she couldn't use that camera, so I took a couple of photographs to document the funny situation.


When we found a group of Psilothrix viridicoeruleus ...


... some of those shiny beetles came to see what was going on behind the lens.


They climbed on her hands ...


... and camera.


Ladybugs land on people relatively often. Here you can see the most common and iconic European species, the Coccinella septempunctata.


In this photograph, the Adalia decempunctata ladybug is resting on the fingertip of my friend's thumb.


The colors and patterns on the elytra of these ladybugs can vary a lot. They often look like different species. On the 25th of April 2021, in the morning, when these photographs were taken ...


... they were attracted by the warm surfaces of my car parked near the sea. I saw quite a few of these ladybugs on the glass of the windshield ...


... and the metal of the hood.


This sawfly, I don't know the species or family, looks a lot like a small wasp.


Sawflies are related to wasps, ants, and bees but they don't sting.


In this last photograph, you can see a minuscule spider crawling on my friend's arm.


This is the very young Neoscona adianta spider.



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As an Entomologist, I find your photography absolutely beautiful! I honestly thought the pictures were from a textbook at first. You must have a really steady hand to be able to get away with what you captured. I look forward to following up on more of your pictures.

Thank you. 🙂Glad you like the post.

There we go. For all of those who say that insects cannot be cute :) Lovely shots.

It's amazing how we like some insects, like i.e. butterflies and we hate the others, i.e. mosquito, flies. Nice macro images taken, @borjan.

grandiosas tomas a de mas de un gran disfrute ante el encuentro que estos grandios insectos

Great captures of these tiny insects. The butterfly is beautiful.
And funny that it landed on your friend after she tried to capture it hahaha


A butterfly that lands on your hand is a very rare thing because butterflies are a wild species. What happened to you is exactly the same as what happened to me, suddenly the butterfly This landed on my hand then I took a quick photo with if you are curious please stop by at my post without any engineering hehehe.....

You have ticks around, how do you deal with them?

There are repellent sprays for them.

You guys definitely seem okay and comfortable with creepy crawlies crawling on you. Some insects I'm okay with but not many really.

🙂 I'm more okay with them since I see them through a macro lens often. Before, I was also okay with many of them ... but ad example those long-legged crickets I couldn't stand crawling on me. Now we are ok. After seeing them many times in macro, I don't have that creeping feeling. I don't know why exactly, because through the macro lens they look even more like alien monsters 😂 ... but somehow, it works for me that way.
I was totally arachnophobic before the macro experience. Now I'm OK with spiders as well.

I guess the macro lens takes away some of the mystery of them and makes them more familiar. It's like you can see that they are just a little different type of an animal rather than a creepy insect - if that makes sense?

True. When I think about it, is exactly like that. Through the macro lens, especially if you see them in action, they look a bit like lions and zebras in the documentaries.

That's pretty interesting actually. Very cool!

Nature is full of wonderful and special creatures. I love seeing butterflies, especially the transparent ones, when I'm wandering in the woods. Frankly, meditation in the wilderness and its components is a precious treasure👍

Yes 🙂 The nature is mostly a meditation-friendly place.

Excelente fotografias, me agrada ver los insectos sobre todo la mariquita por su color rojo intenso con un poco de negro me parecen muy hermosa.

Beautiful photography 😍

Funny how they did that on that day...

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You have done very good micro photography. I love butterflies very much. They have taken very beautiful pictures. It is very difficult for you to take pictures of them.Because they don't stop there

U have really flash my memory back to those days we play with alot of things ooh my God!!! I wish those days never pass I missed a lot of friends sha...thanks for the memories of those pictures I'm so excited

It's been long I set my eyes on butterfly in my area I was wondering maybe it's has gone on extinct

It seems that there are a lot of small animals in that area. And the small animals that are there are also very tame it seems.

the butterfly looks very spoiled playing on your fingers,, do you use a charm,,, hehehehe


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