Dear Doctor


I have questions and concerns about asymptomatic "sickness" spread of disease and why we are testing and or requiring drug injections inside people that are not sick or showing signs of any sickness at all?


I always thought it was a 'mental disorder" to infer someone is sick, when they have no symptoms?

If I went to you and said, erm doctor I've got no symptoms, I don't feel sick, but this non diagnosis test my government made me take is showing that my diagnosis is

"I've got a highly contagious and deadly poisonous virus organism growing inside me that can kill me and spread out of me and kill everyone around me".

What do you think about this? How can my government know I am asymptomatically "sick" even when I feel perfectly healthy? My government also says I have a 0.0% chance of dying from this deadly wild virus organism as it's known to have a survival rate of 99.97% in my age group does this mean the virus is actually healing me? Im so confused🤦‍♂️


Please help me as because of this highly contagious deadly wild virus organism which I am 0.0% likely to die from, my government issued full lockdown operations. I'm now completely beside myself with worry, I can't work or function as normal and I've lost my job anyway. It simply doesn't exist anymore as it was non essential according to my government. My Job was my life, I loved my Job, It gave me pride, happiness and purpose.

I now have constant thoughts and feelings like I want to top myself because of the fear campaigns by my government is promoting. They tell me I need to act like I have a deadly contagious poisonous virus in me. Im constantly being told I shouldn't go outside or to work, whilst I feel healthy? I'm so confused? What do you think doc?


Should I have the experimental vaccine? I hear it's unknown if it's safe and effective and people are telling me the vaccine is creating these variants within the bodies of the vaccinated which is harming them severely or even killing them.

20210712_200618.jpgview full documentation

How can this vaccine keep these deadly virus organisms from killing less when my government scientists tell me I have a 0.0% chance of death from the wild virus organism?

I have taken it upon myself to read the online vaccine injury reporting systems. The vaccines are causing disability and impacting lives in very negative ways. I even read that it causes death to some people!?


And the insert says there is risk of DEATH!? So doctor, is it true that my chance of death from the vaccine is more than the 0.0% from the wild virus organism?



Why would my government try and force or coerce me into having this experimental drug injection if it might kill me?

Some of my friends tell me that they took the drug injection because they wanted to travel more easily by showing their paper certificate of vaccine injection and lower their chances of "asymptomatic sickness spread" of the deadly wild virus organism to others.

However, I'm still confused about whether the drug injection which creates more deadly mutated variants of the wild virus organism inside those bodies that have been injected can stop those same bodies from spreading a more deadly mutated virus organism to others?

How does this drug injection exactly break asymptomatic spreading of these highly contagious mutated virus organisms from the vaccinated bodies?

Surely this is the worst thing I could do as I put myself at risk and now I am creating a more deadly virus in my body due to the vaccine drug injection?

Should those that are vaccinated wear a mask to try and stop or prevent these mutated and more virulent virus organisms from escaping or leaking out their mouth and nose?

Should those vaccinated wear masks forever even if it stops them from breathing properly and taking in fresh air?

As you can see doc im full of questions and unsure about many things can you please help?


Your patient


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Oh, I thought this post was going to be about Doctor Who.👽😄


I thought you were going to answer this letter! I already saw a pharm commercial where the disclaimers included "talk to your doctor if you have had or are planning on having a vaccination" Must mean the current injection, because almost everyone has had some sort of vaccination.

Hype aside, people and providers will still have to deal with the effects of this treatment when they become known.