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RE: Introducing hivemessage

in #hackathon-entries3 years ago

Great work!

I have some concerns & questions:

  • Storing every message in custom json can burn a lot of RCs (for users with small amount of HP).

  • Will private messages be on-chain or off-chain?


Thank you

regarding the questions

  • You have all reason the operations custom_json spend a lot of RC, but they are much less than those spent by a publication for small users, they are quite difficult, although these regenerate over time, it would be great if the RC transfer without delegating HP but this depends on the blockchain. In the same way I keep thinking of some way to help solve this problem for users with little RC

  • The operations will be on the blockchain but will be encrypted with a public and private key of the users who are communicating

If users run out of RC, you can point them to

Thank you, I'll have it in mind