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Description problem and solution

The creation of hivemessage it was done mainly due to the fact that many communities inside hive they had no way to communicate due to this this communities use rooms such as discord, telegram and other are used. With this in mind, I came up with the idea of ​​creating a discord-type page in which users can create channels and rooms to communicate by sending information about everything to the blockchain.

The demo is available at the following link:

How to use the site

  • Once entered the home page this will send users to the login.
  • To login to hivemessage you need to have installed Hive Keychain.
  • Once logged in you will be in the main panel from here create channels and rooms if you are the creator user of the channel If you are not an administrator of any channel I can create one or if you are part of some other channel you can send messages to the rooms of this.

how to create channels

To create channels use the + button and fill in the creation form

once created the channel you can create the rooms and invite other users to be part of this find your invitation link in the chain icon

public repositories

hive message consists of two parts: the web server that receives both distributes the information from the blockchain and also the front code that connects:


tools used for creation


  • @hivechain/dhive - client to communicate with the blockchain
  • express - used to create the api rest that sends the stored information
  • postgresql - used to store the information sent to the blockchain


  • vuejs - used to work the site view
  • tailwindcss - used to define styles to view

As I said any user can create their own channel with their rooms to communicate or also invite other users to join a room already created:

I leave the invitation link of the first room that creates hivemessage:


  1. at this moment the application is functional but the mobile versions have not been configured correctly.
  2. The transactions have to be confirmed by the blockchain and placed in the blocks for that reason there are times that they do not appear instantly but they are all processed.
  3. If any translation is wrong, forgive me, I keep improving my English.

without more to say I hope any comment you want to leave me about the idea


If I were to build a messaging app for Hive it would not store the content on the blockchain to avoid bloating it. What I would do is establish a connection between users by verifying that the messages are signed using the current public keys . The only contact with the blockchain would be to verify that the messages are signed with the correct keys on a P2P second layer.

The actual encryption key would be established using the Diffie-Hellman protocol.

@sn0n would like to have a word with you, he's been touting this idea since I first started talking with him. Maybe someday.

I thought about it in the beginning but the idea is that anyone can create their own message service if they need it

Great work!

I have some concerns & questions:

  • Storing every message in custom json can burn a lot of RCs (for users with small amount of HP).

  • Will private messages be on-chain or off-chain?

Thank you

regarding the questions

  • You have all reason the operations custom_json spend a lot of RC, but they are much less than those spent by a publication for small users, they are quite difficult, although these regenerate over time, it would be great if the RC transfer without delegating HP but this depends on the blockchain. In the same way I keep thinking of some way to help solve this problem for users with little RC

  • The operations will be on the blockchain but will be encrypted with a public and private key of the users who are communicating

If users run out of RC, you can point them to

Thank you, I'll have it in mind

Awesome work on this! The design is very well done and is easy to follow. I look forward to more users adopting.

Thanks, I also hope to continue bringing new things to the platform

OH... OK! I'll check this out!
Thanks Bruv!


Definitely do! As more users come onboard I can finally do away with using Discord! 😄

Nice work! Looks great!

Thanks, I hope I can continue improving I have many ideas which I want to do as private group chats, user system among many other things that I have in mind.

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Good work.

Thanks for entering the hackathon!


This looks interesting and useful for the Hive community. Well done work and we will feature this post in today's Gitpliat-elite publication. Kudos!

Hey se ve genial.. lastima no pude terminar mi proyecto, los contra tiempo con el servicio electrico en mi País ha sido fatal.


That's an interesting concept - chat rooms on the blockhain.

I wonder if anyone will click on my invite to my 'Wife' room.

It's odd seeing it in a custom json on Hiveblocks.

I kind of like it though! Chats on the chain.....

if it is true it is something quite new the one of a chat in blockchain in the same way the custom_json were already used by steemmonsters and many other applications in the same way

Wow. Finally messenger is coming to the hive block chain. It's about time

If it is something that was missing, I am still thinking of a better way to solve the RC problem for small users but I will think of something.

Fuckin' eh! Really cool execution of your idea here for the hackathon.

Personally would have added a centralized source of the messages as a first line resort instead of querying an RPC node for every user but the technology is sound.

Thanks, I hope I can expand it in a better way and create audio rooms in the future to be able to do podcasts, but at the moment there are many things to do such as private messages, user roles and many other things that i have in mind.

Wow. Nice work and lots of potential for this project to bring chat functions to Hive!

Thanks, I hope it is useful

Yeah I have been testing it out and seeing if it would make for a good message board for the eXode game. I pitched them the idea of it as a message board and the dev @elindos seemed to like the idea! I have a test channel setup here:

This looked great. Good work!

I would consider a name change to hivemessenger

Thank you, about the name I will have it in mind

Just a thought. Others will likely disagree. I feel like it sounds more mainstream.

it is true some people can agree as others not.
that goes according to the thinking of each one

Awesome! Great work! We need something like that. Now we can send messages and communicate on blockchain.

it is true the communication in this type of networks is necessary and the potential of the hive network allows it