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RE: Mineral Mondays #52 Turquoise

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This is one of my favourite stones!
Quite expensive here!



This lot is going to Japan, but when I go back out I will pick up a piece for you. I plan on spending 2-3 days out there next time so I'll be able to visit the other mines and collect quite a bit more. Thanks for commenting!

Wow! That’s very kind of you to dig out one piece of rock for me. That would be too much of a hassle as you already have to travel with boxes of rocks for your customers. Just take some nice photos of the rock crystal for me! I like to look into these rocks!

I could talk to rocks sometimes! Some old friends had a crystal shop at JJ Mall in Bangkok; they used to order strange rocks from African countries and Canada in the good old days. They used to find rare crystals for some Japanese customers living here. Things have changed a lot! Crystals seem to be out of vogue nowadays.