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RE: Reviewing websites for $ / Gamification without $ incentives

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If hivebuzz (the new Hiveboard) can integrate with PeakD so you can see your badges, that would be pretty sick! I'm all up for having badges on display, feel like you've earned them - probably the gamer coming out in me, have been losing my hair over Crash Bandicoot recently to try and complete everything and get all the relics... infuriating but...must...collect...badges!


Yeah I think that could happen quite easily, peakd could probably do their own version on the same metrics. Good to have hivebuzz there though, I remember it encouraging me early on (not seen a badge for ages though!).

Crash Bandiwhatnow?! I think I'll go drive my truck in the hope of a Steam badge :)

Yeah I loved getting those notifications from them back then - they'd pop up when you'd least expect and then you feel like an absolute badass walking away from explosions like this guy:

Errr Crash Bandicoot, one of the best platform games in history...? One more relic away from completing the trilogy and then:


ha :)

I've just seen a hivebuzz message on a new recruit of mine - they've issued 10 up-votes :)

What about Dizzy, Magic Pockets, Turrican 2, Flashback, Manic Miner? And now another morning will be consumed by me wanting to go back to being 8 again!

Beautiful, you know they're sucked in now once those badges start coming haha!

Not heard of any of those games! I'm moving on to Spyro the Dragon next... nickyhavey on Steam if you wanted to play some games or teach @acidyo a lesson on how to play Counter Strike properly 😜

Why do you like to hurt me. :(

Sorry man...

Don't worry, I'm really shit at it, @gabrielatravels wiped the floor with me on the casual TDMs we've played together. I can't keep blaming it on the lag but...


Hahaha, always the lag!

at least you're not blaming it on hackers, next step is lag, then it's "fucking nolifers".

Haha! I'm teetering on that stage mate, give it another month, I'll let you know 😂

Sent you a friend request, let's see if we have any games in common.

If they brought Battlefield 2 back, same maps and everything I'd be in with a shout :)