ecoTrain QOTW s7.9: Which technologies have had a positive influence on your life?

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Welcome back to the Question Of The Week! This week we look at technology in all it forms and look to the positive to see how technology may have helped your life in positive ways. These days it's quite clear that technology is taking over fast, and there are many negative sides to this as well such as the recent centralisation of the Internet, Facebook and other huge technological companies. Addiction to our smart-phones is another great example of how technology has had negative effects, but its not all bad news and we are ultimately the ones in control of our lives and how we use and relate to technology.

So this week, in keeping with our theme of Gratitude and Magic I invite you to share some ways in which technology has really made your life better. We can look back as far as you like, and technology can include any kind of non organic device, big or small, gadget or object, that has wires circuits or microchips. If you choose something very common like the Internet then you can describe the ways in which it has helped you. There are so many gadgets to choose from such as hearing aids, pacemakers, pet tracking, GPS, dash cams, spy cams etc., the list goes on....

This is great opportunity to choose something that may not be so obvious, perhaps you have relied on a technology that many of us may never have even heard of before. Maybe you can help us discover something that we never knew existed! These days it is hard to keep up, and there are some amazing things out there that can perform what may look like magic if you didn't know how they work. Do you have a special machine that we have never heard of?!

One cute example that springs to mind is the MIND MACHINE. This is something developed many years ago by NASA that consists of glasses with LED lights and headphones to listen to special tones and sounds. When you put them on and close your eyes it plays light and sounds programs that are designed to help relax you and being you to a deep state of pace. I remember lending it to my step father who had heart problems and was in constant pain. He normally never slept well, but the night he borrowed my machine he said he slept better than he had in years!

Alternately it may be a very simple technology that we all know about, but the story of how it helped you is what is interesting to read about.. im sure we all have a few funny stories to share there!

So I look forward to reading your technological posts, and perhaps discovering something new from your stories. As always we love to hear personal stories, but you can also write about a technology that has helped someone other than yourself, and you think we should hear about it. Also feel free to share about more than one technology, and if you have a list of amazing gadgets then please do share it with us.


Q. "Which technologies have had a positive influence on your life?"

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I looked on the internet for the machine to know it and the truth is that the mask must be very uncomfortable at bedtime, but everything is for health and being alive. Thank God that in medicine there is a lot of technology that saves lives and yours is one of those. Thanks for sharing the information @harlowjourney. I really liked your post.

You know, most people find it uncomfortable, but my sleep apnea was so bad that it took me very little time to get used to it, and now, I am uncomfortable without it. It probably seems surprising. Thank you for your comment.

Technology is evolving at such a very high pace causing faster change and pro...

This was an awesome question to answer. Here is my Entry;

I agree with you, especially the passenger and the driver are more sure that something dangerous does not happen since the passenger receives all the personal data of the driver and the car. Although there are always exceptions, it is much safer to go in an Uber, good the technology you selected @mcluz

I have always said that the internet is good for children, if you are watching what they do on it. My granddaughter learned to read because of the desire she had to understand what was written to her on the other side, at school she receives the basic principles, but she was encouraged by the game on the internet.

That's true, specially children, if under supervision they use these gadgets it is very beneficial for them.

Thank you, I have tried with a difference. This is my personal experience of how I tried and learned about cryptocurrency! Thank you once again!

/Le gustaba tanto comer carne que incluso llevaba bistec por si tenía que visitar a personas como nosotros.
hahahaaha Your friend's exaggeration made me laugh a lot, but the truth is that there are many people like that. I really liked your post @sunnyag, you explained your entry to the virtual world in another way.

Isn't it? There are many people that understand nothing about cryptocurrency so for me, this was nothing short of a technology! Thank you for reading!

Oh for me it is still not clear, but I am learning along the way. It was a pleasure.

Here is my link..

The world has gone mobile through the introduction of new technology ...

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