Parents are now drug pushers and the real cause of covid-19 is ozone molecules and high levels of corona discharge.

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Whatever happened to the phrase

"just say no to drugs"


Parents are now demanding someone inject their child with harmful gene therapy drugs!

These gene injections contain defective ribonucleic acid enzymes packed inside very destructive graphene oxide nanoparticles that are covered in toxic cationic ionized polyethylene glycol (hydrogel) lipid membranes.. 🤮💉☠

20211110_072935 (1).jpg

These drugs are not only destructive but also slightly addictive as they make tiny receptors that excite the brain while the cytokine damage is being done!

This can explain why some people go back for more without a care in the world. These synthetic genetically engineered drugs are made to offer pain relief at the same time as they destroy the organs and blood vessels.

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The criminal drug companies know this and that is why they are pushing boosters as quickly as possible.

There are now billions of new drug users begging for their next booster fix. They think they need it to protect them from virus organisms but that's not it at all.

Once you get the injection you will feel relief however after a while that relief turns to a craving and you start feeling the pain and suffering more and more.

You are now a drug addict and have no idea!

They admit it does not stop you getting or spreading covid-19 at all so why get it in the first place? What they don't say is that no one can spread covid-19 through coughs and sneezes because the sars cov 2 virus organism is simply make believe.

Many covid-19 symptoms are the same as common cold and other common detoxification symptoms. The human body must go through these common symptoms to create homeostasis and expel toxic waste build up, to block this process with toxic drugs will lead to more chronic diseases.

What long covid-19 disease really is, is vitamin/mineral deficiency and when the body can no longer function with optimal levels of protection.

One of the biggest reasons humans are deficient in vitamins and minerals is due to over exposure to harmful dirty electricity and new millimeter waves radiation.
20211201_121138.jpgdownload source pdf
The newly installed 5th generation radar telecommunications signalling/monitoring cell towers and receivers cause cell degradation very similar to the way the vaccines cause cell degradation.

I know for a fact that the vaccine is to cover up for EMF cell damage and to present a known failed solution to the problem so that governments all around the world can perpetrate fear, control and allow for mass death while be in complete denial.

The military used 60-95ghz frequency weapons since the 50's and 60's they are actually called "active denial" weapons.

They were used to wipe out whole villages by making them sick; they also caused damage to electrical devices that were not properly protected to prevent communication between enemy groups. They were and have been used as direct energy EMP weapons.

Just like sound waves can burst your eardrums and cause headaches the lower frequency millimeter waves can cause heating up of the target if the target is human then thrombosis and ischaemia will occur throughout the body. When overexposed at higher frequencies 60ghz+ for some time then people will develop compartment syndrome.

Imagine the radio frequency waves that your home microwave uses to cook food. Those are the same microwaves used by the 5th generation cell towers.

Why do you think your phone heats up when you are uploading/downloading or talking through the mobile network?

That's from the formation of harmful cellular radiation invisible laser beams pointing at your phone.

20211201_151911.jpgsource of image

These beams can be formed up to 300ghz using the 5th generation cell towers and at 60ghz which the telecom companies use changes any oxygen molecules in its path into ozone molecules.


This ozone is very toxic to human health and latches on to many human cell receptors (even the ace-2 receptor) as a poison and cannot be released like say extremely safe carbon dioxide or co2. Humans breathe co2 out easily and is one the the safest molecules that our body can absorb and then get rid of.

20211201_122030.jpgimage source link
Ozone on the other hand causes respiratory problems and so with the rise of ground level ozone due to all these new electrical devices releasing dirty Corona Discharge and the 60Ghz millimeter waves this is why many people have had problems breathing getting thrombosis and can even be attributed to why people are losing their smell and taste.
Source of Image

To conclude.

Ozone stops blood from picking up oxygen which leads to coagulated blood and blocks up blood vessels which causes thrombosis, thrombosis leads to ischemic heart attacks and strokes as not enough oxygen gets to the brain!

Does this sound familiar? No make believe virus organisms are needed to have the covid-19 symptoms.

The vaccines also do this by forcing your cells to make trillions of harmful misfolded modified proteins that latch onto cells which causes the immune system to destroy those cells, the cells that make the misfolded protien and all this cytotoxic damage can lead to blood clots, strokes and mass organ failure.


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Downvoted for hate speech against drug dealers and because this is an elaborate hoax you came up with to avoid taking your Prozac. U little fucker

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About what I'd expect from a religious fruitcake.

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