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RE: EFFECTIVE TREATMENT FOR COVID19? - Ivermectin - MANY Studies/Doctors Agree 90%+ Success Rate

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You're asking the wrong question bro.

"How much money can we make from this?"

There, much better ;)


Outrageous! Only the other day I saw the unlicensed Doctor Bill Gates taking time out of his day to inject African children with chemicals. The mere suggestion that he is doing that to somehow profit and that he wouldn't pay for people in famines to eat is repugnant! :(

The thing about Gates that I don't understand is his obsession with African children. His wife has the same obsession. Why not just sail into the sunset with their billions and enjoy their old age?

Well, they just got divorced - So maybe they have had a change of opinion on which particular group of people deserves their 'special medicine' the most..?
My understanding is that Gates' father was a eugenicist and the gates foundation continues that work on. Anyone who the psychotic rich white elite define as 'sub' will be the likely recipient of their 'help'.

Scary stuff.