EFFECTIVE TREATMENT FOR COVID19? - Ivermectin - MANY Studies/Doctors Agree 90%+ Success Rate

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With COVID19 apparently killing large numbers of people around the world, you might think that the medical establishment would be jumping up and down at the propsect of highly effective cheap, pre-existing treatments. However, like HydroxyCholorquine before it, the claims of Ivermectin being just such a drug are being met with strong resistance and even ridicule. Many studies do speak to it's effectiveness however.. Let's take a look.

Despite the fanfare surrounding the development of various vaccines for COVID19, the fact remains that vaccines always come with a risk of serious injury, are costly and may result in a need for ever more interventions for the rest of our lives! They are far from a 'cure'.

In the case of COVID19, the vaccines are extremely controversial due to them not even resembling traditional vaccines, with many doctors refusing to call them vaccines at all. My recent post addresses some interesting data points which highlight the potential damage being done by vaccines - including a 124 page document full of evidence of people who seem to have died from the vaccine itself and not from COVID.

Enter Ivermectin

The risks of vaccine interventions means that a cheap drug alternative, known to be safe to use, would be a major development and many doctors claim that Ivermectin is exactly this.

The following two videos contain testimonies from many medical professionals who are testifying that they have personally used Ivermectin to treat COVID19 patients safely and successfully - often with a success rate of greater then 90%.

The FLCCC are outspoken on this topic and are a group of physicians who are doing their best to share a narrative for treating COVID19 that contradicts the government versions that silicon valley in particular seems intent to protect using all manner of censorship. The FLCCC page on ivermectin contains a great deal of information on the topic.

A specialist website has even been created to track the scientific studies on Ivermectin, which is summarised as follows:

Despite all of this work, you would be forgiven for thinking that none of this exists. The mainstream narrative on Ivermectin has been disparaging and unscientific at times. The official position of Merck remains disparaging to some extent.

Deep Dives Are Needed

A look at the number of studies listed by FLCCC seems to suggest that the full picture has not been allowed to surface in the mainstream narrative at all.

How can there be so many studies performed, yet only a tiny number are ever mentioned in the mainstream?

It will clearly take professionals a lot of time to analyse all of these studies independently, to assess their quality - but at the same time, for patients with COVID19 - the situation may seem clear.. Many doctors say this drug works and is safe - so many patients will not need to know much more than that when faced with constant fear of their own death!

Dr. Ryan Cole spoke more directly to the controversy in his address to the Idaho State Government, where he described those who block Ivermectin and prevent focus on the need for correct Vitamin D supplementation as having blood on their hands. He swiftly received the brutal hand of the 'fact checkers', who detracted away from his comments about Ivermectin and generally discredited him.


As always with medical treatments where vast fortunes are at stake, the debate is strong. It is well known that scientific studies that are published by scientists paid by drug manufactures are hugely more likely to give a positive outcome for the drug! This in itself shows us that scientific studies are not all they seem.

Are the Pro Ivermectin studies funded by manufacturers of Ivermectin?

Are the Anti Ivermectin commenters funded by vaccine manufacturers and patent holders?

This is something I don't personally know the answer to at this point, but would love to know. It's abundantly clear however that expensive treatments are routinely pushed in hospitals, by doctors that get nice bonuses as a result. It is abundantly clear that pharma corporations are in the business of making MONEY and not actually healing people. For these reasons alone, we should all come together to dilligently study this topic as quickly as possile!

Wishing you well,
Ura Soul

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You're asking the wrong question bro.

"How much money can we make from this?"

There, much better ;)

Outrageous! Only the other day I saw the unlicensed Doctor Bill Gates taking time out of his day to inject African children with chemicals. The mere suggestion that he is doing that to somehow profit and that he wouldn't pay for people in famines to eat is repugnant! :(

The thing about Gates that I don't understand is his obsession with African children. His wife has the same obsession. Why not just sail into the sunset with their billions and enjoy their old age?

Well, they just got divorced - So maybe they have had a change of opinion on which particular group of people deserves their 'special medicine' the most..?
My understanding is that Gates' father was a eugenicist and the gates foundation continues that work on. Anyone who the psychotic rich white elite define as 'sub' will be the likely recipient of their 'help'.

Scary stuff.

Hi, my experience, I had Covid 19 in September last year, I took Ivermectin and the symptoms subsided.

In my house my husband, my son, a niece, my brother we have taken Ivermectin the first days.

And I can say that the symptoms were not intense, thank God.

Thanks for sharing, I am glad that you were helped by it. I had symptoms about a year ago that seem to me to be identical to COVID19, though it has never shown up on testing. I had no special treatment and only really got through OK due to knowing how to clear my own lungs out (I had asthma growing up) - it was no fun, that's for sure.
I have yet to hear from anyone who used Ivermectin and had no benefit!

I think one of the great future values of systems like Hive and blockchain will be in bringing transparency and ease of access to information about the question you ask. Tokenization will make it possible to know exactly who and what motives are behind political, economic and social actions that today are muddled in intentional obfuscation. These activities have been a mainstay of social/political and economic activity for generations and are a prime reason that so many rail against political status quo and capitalisms.

From your post I cannot see enough information to make a really informed decision but it certainly points out a possible answer. It is precisely this kind of investigation that will help us all discover actual facts that cannot be refuted. Only then can we sweep away the shadows.

Outstanding work.

Blessed Be.

Thanks! I don't have all the answers regarding Ivermectin either - but I'm sure that with enough eyeballs on the topic, open and enquiring minds will draw the truth out into view :)

"Two sides to every coin", I tend to lean toward what has been tried and tested over 40 years on both animals and humans.

To be or not to be... not sure about everyone else, I have made my mind up, enjoy my Vit D daily, take precautionary measures in malls areas where many people gather, general hygiene.

This argument will go on for years, for the time being I will follow a formula I feel is safer, those who want the jab kudos, each to their own.

We use to treat sheep for parasites with this drug. Very efficient I could tell.

I see, ok - yes. I don't know much about what it does at this point, but good to know it is trusted.

 last year 

It's traditionally used to treat parasitic infestation and it's relatively cheap to produce.

The question now becomes, why not ivermectin? Or at least, look into what is it in this existing drug that's suggesting it as a good Covid therapeutic.