Some Coffee, some battles, and doin my time at work.

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Also gave myself a bad haircut. So cheers to you, cheers to the Hive family. Im just doin my time at the lab, but at least i dont mind being here. At least my place of work, takes care of us fairly well. The patient gets setup, we talk, and now i monitor and run the test. Sometimes they snore, maybe quite loudly.

Drank coffee already so made another drink, an Assam tea. Flavorful and delicious.


  • Sleep, what a word. Here is a picture of the sleep study.


  • Have 2 patients which is the usual. This 1st patient is having some bad breathing in REM sleep. Because of the bad breathing, the patient wakes frequently, shown in the brain waves. Also the drops in oxygen reflects the had beeathing too.

  • Sleep apnea is a common disorder, characterized by a restricted airway, causing awakenings. Theres more too it, but dont want to overcomplicate here.



  • This patient is breathing relatively well. Not doing too bad.



  • A whole lot of masks, for the CPAP machine. It does fix a lot of people but tonight im not doing the machine with anyone

  • Thats my update, i look forward to trying to keep up with my favorite bloggers and creators here.

  • Its been a mission, but the 2020 mission is to keep chuggin forward.

  • Call me Quack Train



  • Stuck in Silver for now. The Battle binge will most likely continue as i try to get towards Gold ASAP to maximize reward chests.

  • Enrolled in a tournament recently but think im going to get crushed due to some defeats.


  • Some of these tournaments have some pretty nice loot to win.

  • Surely nice to keep energy and excitement up in the Splinterlands universe so i think tournaments are good.

  • ill probably lose, but ill keep chuggin.



  • My favorite band, Avenged Sevenfold. From the album, Hail to the King. Song called Doing time.

  • What a banger.

  • Now im done, Peace.



Hey QuackMan...

I think I'd give you a run for your money if you hooked me up to that machine, although you've probably seen worse sleep cycles in your time. What do you do if the patient can't get to sleep to study them? Is using a frying pan a frowned upon method of help in that instance?

(you know I'm just kidding, but you'd probably need a frying pan for me lol)

Whats up ya lovely lady! Well, its tough sometimes. Sleep is touchy, personal, many factors that can affect.

Technically, if the person doesnt sleep, theres not much data to get. You have insomnia, difficulty falling asleep? Thinking too much. Or do you wake up a lot throughout your sleep?

Cheers and nice to meet you.

Hi Captain.

Sleep is a pain in my night most times lol. Thinking ... yup, it's a problem. I wake up multiple times too, for no real reason either.

What's really weird is as a kid I could sleep through everything - thunderstorms, car crashes - practically everything. Now it's totally the opposite. Does that happen to a lot of people? It must be such an interesting thing to study. I know it's work for you, but still has to be cool to do.

Hope your day was awesome

Yes, its still pretty cool i would say. I am worn out, but aren't we all. Working is tough, working at night adds to the madness.

I know i may wake few times, maybe every couple hours. Some awakenings are normal. If you snore, could be that is affecting the airway whwn you sleep, thus causing to awaken sometimes.

Tough to say. The study generally shows how many times people awaken, and for what reasons. Sometimes spontaneous. Sometimes breathing/snoring related. Sometimes pain/leg movement related.

I have work tonight. I hope you had a good weekend, keep rockin.

Hey Capt'

I'm sorry you are so tired, I have worked night shift before and know the toll it takes.

Isn't it bad etiquette to ask a lady if she snores? 🤣 Like a fucking bear - and not even like a lady bear 🤣

I hope you have something interesting in your studies tonight. If not, at least there's coffee to enjoy.

Have a good one.

Thanks for your good words, youre a boss lady. Ill keep an eye out for your posts, see ya soon. I have work tonight, and about to sleep a bit. Rock on girl.

Ciao piacere di conoscerti!
Veramente un bel post
Ti auguro una buona serata

Thanks buddy, keep rockin.

Buona giornata

Good man quack man . Stuck down in silver 2 like myself. We might be coming up against each other soon buddy. You can whip my ass. Nice haircut. That sleep stuff is interesting man.

I appreciate your good Soul. Aint no whippin, aint no trippin. Just the Boys back in Town, we just gonna be skippin. Sleep stuff is saving my ass. Need to make rounds and clear up notifications and past comments. Thanks again bud.

I'm in love with the duck, man :))

Thanks Grim, lol.


Keep rockin,Cheers.
Have a great day.

If it wasn't for window blinds...
It'd be curtains for all us.

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Those graphs are always amazing to look at 🤣

Looks like studying the sleep of your patients ends up depriving you of your sleep 🤣 That's a big Cup ahaha reminds me a bit of Pikachu !LOL


Cool post! 🤜🤛

Thanks TrippyBro. Youre a G.

Is ironic that i sort of educate about sleep at work, but im going against the cycle (circadian), which isnt so good for my balance, you know it. We keep rockin anyways.


Thanks man! Ahaha yeah I guess that's normal, we're all a bit like that 😅
You ever tried to monitor and check out your sleep? 🤣

Never have actually. Im interested but seeing my own EKG scares me a little. Im about to knock out for some sleep now, but hive is keeping me awake, oh well. As long as you dont wake up too much, your sleep is probably ok too.

Ehehe you do not want to see ehhh? lol

Never had problems with sleep itself, problems are that I maybe do sleep too much or too less, never the same amount, my bio clock is fucked !LOL

I called the Tinitutus Helpline.
It didn't stop ringing.

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Congrats with new haircut - it rocks!

Thanks Bull, lol, sucks getting older. Said the heck with it, super short.


Hehe indeed!😎

The haircut look really nice on you I must say sincerely. Why did you say you will probably lose in the tournament?

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Thanks buddy. I lost the tournament, i had too many losses.

Keep jammin man.

We win and we loose


I couldn't get you on discord


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