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RE: Apple Looks Like It's Rotting To The Core

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Apple was better with its older products. I had a Macbook Pro since 2011, before that, macbook from 2004. I had Snow Leopard for the longest time. I recently had to upgrade because the pro died. iMac is from 2015, so I can have Yosemite, because it's the last OS that supports Final Cut Pro 7, and Photoshop CS6. FCPX isn't as good as FCP7. See, older mac products are better than the new ones. If Apple wants to bask in its glory, it need to start doing things like it did back in its glory age. Tablet is totally android though. I'm not an all mac person. And Windows has its uses for certain things I want and need to do.

I still don't get the whole, turn my phone into a camera thing lol I have a camera, a camcorder, I use thos3 for filming and pics. A phone is for making phone calls, wow lol And I got rid of mine haha Back to basics. But I've had people ask me "Then what do you use your phone for?" What a phone was meant to be used for. 😁 Maybe the next gen iphone can iron a shirt.

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I totally get you I have a MacBook 2012 and I've upgraded the SSD and the RAM and it runs just fine. While the new one does look pretty nice I see they now don't let you upgrade the parts the way it's built now so you sort of locked into having to buy a new one as time goes by which well is silly to me.

I also have an issue with the software I haven't upgraded my OS since I run a lot of cracked software and its just a mission to deal with the compatibility

I only use my phone to call, IM, steemit and watch videos other than that they could remove all the other features and I would be totally fine lol

Can't they just make a phone with less features, like the ones I want and I'll just pay for that, or like build my own one pick the stuff I want and only pay for those things

Yeah, I'm sure if building your own computer can be done, that building your own phone can also be done. I'm sure someone has a DIY on it somewhere.

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I have seen companies trying to build modular devices a friend of mine is also doing it and I think it will be something to consider in the future where devices are made out of all these small blocks and you can just pull the ones you want out and put new ones in

Yes, like lego. Well, not quite like legos, but sort of. Where you select the parts you want and pimp your computer. Disco lights and all if you want. Heck they've got keyboards and mouses with multicoloured lights. Why not?

By the way, what's the plural for computer mouse? The animal mouse plural is mice, but for the computers, is it mouses? To distinguish, or is it mice also?

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