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Hello everyone!!

Have u heard about dental caries before u need to read this my post:


Also dental caries is know as tooth decals or cavity, it is described as a break down of tooth due to acid made by bacteria and the cavity maybe a number of different colour from yellow to chalky and to black.

The bacteria involve in dental caries are streptococcus mutants
Streptococcus sobrinus

Sign and symptoms
Colour change on the tooth surface
Tooth ache
Bad breath

The risk factor are diabetic mellitus, sjogren's Syndrom

Dental caries is post eruption pathological condition and that has to do with the progressive, irreversible, deminiralization of dental hard tissue and it lead to cavity formation.

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Dental caries can be classified as predisposition
Anatomical position.

On anatomical we have enamel caries, dentinal caries, pulpit caries and root caries.
On predisposition we have radiation caries, recurrent caries.

On site or J B classification we have are one to six .
Class 1 the caries is on the occlusal surface of posterior teeth buccal or lingual pit of the molar
Class 2 the caries is on the proximal surface of the posterior teeth
Class 3 the caries is on the interproximal of anterior teeth without incisal edge involvement
Class 4 the caries is on the interproximal surface of anterior with incisal edge involvement
Class 5 caries on the cervical third of lingual or labial surface of tooth
Class 6 caries on the incisal of occusal edge worn-out due to attrition

How to prevent of dental caries are
Oral hygiene, good eating habit, modification control diet, use of flouride toothpaste, visit dental clinic or hospital for scaling and polishing

How to treat dental caries are
Filling or restoration,root canal therapy, crowing , extraction, replacement

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Thanks alot for educating us on this so alot as being suffering from dental caries and their thought is ordinary tooth pain..

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You welcome , dental caries is not a normal thing, we need to take of teeth.
So that you won't come edentulous person.

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Cavities are so painful!!!! I really don't like going to the dentist hahahhaa so that makes me want to take very good care of my teeth!! Hehehehe

That is good you really make a good decision and I believe it help you, I will still advice you to visit dental clinic or hospital at least twice in a year.

So that you rest asure that your is well take care.

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