We are currently making preparations to welcome Eid al-Fitr


Hi guys,, today I went to my aunt's house with my nephew who is only 6 years old, the distance is 5 km, it's about 15 minutes by motorbike, in our city now people are fasting so in our tradition in the month of Ramadan we visit visiting distant relatives in my free time, so this was a fun trip because I went with my niece who is still innocent, she does things as she is without acting, she does it naturally.

on the way we talked about many things that made us laugh cheerfully, I noticed sentence by sentence that was said by my nephew and every now and then he tried to make a joke with his typical child and it was really extraordinary, because every time that came out of his mouth It was as if he was flowing like water in an estuary, nothing could stop him, I could only nod and laugh out loud and he also showed a happy expression with his innocent face because he had succeeded in making me laugh. this is a fun experience in my life.

when we arrived at aunt's house we chatted and greeted each other, asked each other how they were, asked about work and several other things, then we went to several locations in aunt's garden to look for jatropha plant fruit, well in the next few days we will finish fasting and celebrate Eid al-Fitr, so on the eve of Eid al-Fitr we usually light a lot of light starting from candles, fireworks, torches and several other interesting things.

I made an agreement with my nephew that on the eve of Eid al-Fitr we would light a traditional light with the main raw material being seeds from jatropha fruit, so we picked some dried fruit then we peeled all the skin until we were left with white seeds and we continued to Dry them until they are completely dry and the color will change to yellow, and I think we still have to dry them in the sun for the next three days so that the beans can last longer when roasted.

I have captured several pictures of Jatropha fruit that we got at my aunt's house, this is very suitable for our needs because all the fruit is dry and the seeds are also very good, thank you very much for reading, I hope this post is useful, see you in the next post 🥰🥰