Illegal market.

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Hello dear friends! Frankly, I just smoked a medicinal plant, and this is what I remembered. Now and now I have never dealt with the black market - smoking. But, according to rumors of others, he knew everything that was happening in these matters, as a rule, there was no secret in them. So that’s what I remembered. In the mid-90s, smoke was sold in three packs.The most popular package, among poor students


Cigarette, as a rule, its useful actions were enough for three people. As they say for novice patients.



This package was popular with more experienced patients; four siarets were placed in it.


Faceted glass

This packaging has been popular with people who have money. There were ten matchboxes in a glass.


I like to smoke medicinal plants.


All health and profit.

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looks like a huge filter 😄was it good? wonder what strain

Hi @doitvoluntarily, the variety was Afghanistan, I took a photo at the end of August .. I already smoked this cannabis with friends. The effect was average.

In my country we aren't so lucky since Cannabis is ilegal... I can't wait to move to the United States of America (USA) to work hard and make a family! :D

I, too, is not legal.