Keeping Your Old Version Of YouTube May Be Possible

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If you are one of my followers, by now, you probably realize that my Hive-Blog article here is different from what I normally post on this platform. However, because there are so many Hivians who are also content creators on YouTube and are concerned about the new version of YouTube, I felt that this particular topic deserved attention here on this platform, especially after I noticed that nobody else had brought it up at all on Hive Blog.

If you have had a YouTube channel for at least three years, you will probably notice that 2020 has brought a myriad of annoying problems for you on that platform. Pardon me if I get a little too slangy in my article here, but I’m just as frustrated with YouTube as you probably are.

After the Federal Trade Commission came down on YouTube like a ton of bricks, our beloved YouTube tried to pass their C.O.P.P.A compliance-related responsibilities on to their content creators until people spoke up and confronted their unjust activities. C.O.P.P.A. stands for Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act.

YouTube forced each and every person who has a channel on their platform to make their liked playlist private at the beginning of this year. That is, if you didn’t make your liked playlist private on your YouTube channel, YouTube did it for you and made it impossible for you to make it public again. That is interesting, because so many years ago, I vaguely remember something in their terms of service or community guidelines to the effect that they encouraged YouTubers to make their liked playlists public so that others could become more quickly acquainted with what their likes and dislikes were. I guess that suggestion YouTube made a while back doesn’t matter to YouTube anymore.

Where does all this YouTube madness end? It is clear that YouTube has been pretty rotten to its content creators and YouTubers since the beginning of this year and even before then. It can be no mystery why you can pull up pages and pages of articles about Google and YouTube having to pay out millions of dollars to disgruntled YouTubers who have sued them, after you ironically Google that information. YouTubers need to unionize to protect their rights as content creators on that platform.

Now, YouTube has added the ultimate insult to injury and has posted a notification at the top of everyone’s YouTube channel that reads:

This version of YouTube is going away soon. Switch to the new YouTube.

The notification appears exactly as it is shown in the video below.

YouTube Is Trying To Force Its New Layout On All YouTubers

Well, here is the problem. Many YouTubers don’t want to switch to the new version of YouTube. The new version of YouTube brings technical problems in the form of oversized thumbnails and all sorts of other aggravations. I could give you a grocery list of what those other aggravations are; but if you have a YouTube channel, you likely already know what they are.

The question that all of us are asking is what can be done about this new version of YouTube being shoved down our throats in the near future. I don’t know if I have the permanent solution to this problem. However, there may be a way to keep your old YouTube layout for at least a while longer beyond the time that YouTube actually begins enforcing its new layout on YouTubers in spite of that notification that keeps displaying on the top of everyone’s YouTube channel screen to remind us all that YouTube does not intend to spare any YouTuber from this dreaded fate.

Not too long ago, Jason B Truth published an article on Hubpages that was titled “How to Get Your Old YouTube Layout Back.” Therein you will find instructions on how to get your old version of YouTube back. According to that same article, it is fairly easy to get your old version of YouTube back if you are using the Google Chrome or the Mozilla Firefox browsers. There is also information therein regarding how to do so with other browsers. The only browser that you might encounter problems with in doing so is Internet Explorer.

Now, I cannot guarantee you that once YouTube has forced its new layout on all the YouTubers, the instructions in the above HubPages article are going to work. If YouTube really wants to force their new layout down everyone’s throats, they may find a way to do so, so that none of those methods work anymore to restore back the old version of YouTube on your YouTube channel. However, it is definitely worth a shot to try those methods in getting back the old version of YouTube on your YouTube channel. Luckily, YouTube may have overlooked the fact that those methods still exist. We can only hope.

Feel free to comment below on how you feel about this new version of YouTube and the fact that YouTube is trying to shove it down everyone’s throats. I’d be interested in knowing what your thoughts are about this situation, especially if you have a YouTube channel.

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youtube just keeps shooting itself in the foot. everytime it ''updates'' it get worse. If I did not have so many videos on my existing youtube channel over there and I did not amass a semi-decent small subscriber base I would have moved to another platform a long time ago to post stuff. But since I have so much already I am stuck so I just have to bite the bullet and put up with the god awful changes.

the COPPA thing was by far the WORST. Oh my god.

Yeah, it's a mess over there on YouTube. Even the big YouTubers are complaining about it.

Heck I do not even use the new version of creator studio when it comes to uploading stuff. when I go and actually upload a video I go right back to classic but seems that might be gone soon since they are eventually gonna force everyone over to the newer one.

also another thing that irks me is Youtube everytime gets rid of any kind of way for audience interaction or interaction period between people. once upon a time there was the Inbox feature where could send PM's to people on youtube before I ever began uploading stuff before I ever began really using youtube like that I often used the inbox feature met some really good friends that way was a neat way communicate then one day youtube get rid of that. then the next I am sure you may have seen it for a short while there was a chat option thing a chat I do not even think the chat stayed for 1 year before that was gone so wtf? what was the point? if were going to take it away. And again it was a good way speak with the audience and interact. and it was generally fun it was also helpful too because it made it easier for me and a friend of mine for me and her to speak if both of us happened be on youtube at the same time. Now with COPPA youtube outright just turns off comments on a video if it is marked as ''for kids'' why? I do not know it does not make sense messes things up more especially for channels that rely on interacting with viewers. Viewer interaction is important and essential for growth it goes in with other factors to assist growth of a channel you cut all that off you kill it. is like youtube is doing everything they can to just prevent growth or ANY kind of communication between users period.

Yeah, I've actually come across YouTubers who had been on YouTube ever since it started in 2005 and had been making the big bucks, and these same YouTubers decided to leave the platform inasmuch as they were confronting too many obstacles in keeping their channel alive because of the adverse changes that YouTube had made to its platform. I think that it's that C.E.O. Susan Wojcicki who's at the heart of all the problems that YouTubers are having on the platform. In 2013, back when YouTube had a different C.E.O., the only real problem that YouTube had was that there was a word count limit on each post you made in the comments section of a video. However, all the things that you mentioned were still there on YouTube at content creators' disposal.

I don't know if YouTube will ever go back to the way it was with Susan Wojcicki at the helm. I think that the best thing that could happen to YouTube is if they got a different C.E.O. who actually appealed to the public interest.