The dream of returning in time will not cease to haunt us

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I developed a new habit, I started sitting with myself and going back in time, to the day I entered school, and I start to imagine if I came back as a young child but kept my current mind, I would excel in all subjects, and I would impress everyone, and since I already knew what was going to happen, I was I will avoid many situations, reformulate my past, and erase everything that makes me shy.

This sounds pathetic, doesn't it ?! But what if we could actually go back in time, or also manage to travel for the future, wouldn't this be interesting and intriguing ?!

This has always been a fertile subject in science fiction, this article will quell your curiosity about time travel, and perhaps he will answer your questions, whether you are a fan of this theory or not, this article will be a good addition to your knowledge stock. Therefore, read on.

Back in time

One of the scientists says that we always travel through time, but in only one direction, and we inevitably move for one second at a time to the future, and we can move at a faster pace if we want to.

"In fact, we can move into the future as often as we want. It is a matter of speed, very high speed."

This is what Paul Sotter, an astrophysicist at Ohio State University told Space, where he began his talk with evidence from Albert Einstein's theory of special relativity, which shows that time is a relative matter and depends on the speed of your movement, the more quickly you move across the place, the more you move Your movement has been slower over time.

Scientists have been able to measure this with the high-precision atomic clocks present in the jet planes. As for the accuracy of the measurement, this is provided by the GPS system. Generally, according to the science fiction point of view, it seems that it always requires sophisticated ways to jump in time, but in reality all you need is a very large missile.

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