Allegorical drabbler: Mandelbrot's monster

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Imagen de skeeze en Pixabay

Mandelbrot's monster

In the solitude of his office, a pattern broke his brains, when he analyzed it carefully he was amazed to see how it was repeated, thinking theoretically, from the smallest to the macro, taking an iterated geometric shape, being simple became complex. Visually finite but mathematically infinite.

He was before one of the ancestral monsters that had mocked the hunters of yesteryears, elusive as a Big Foot, but with an opposite tactic, instead of hiding, he had always shown himself without giving away his presence. Genius of camouflage to the eye without guidance.

On this occasion the noise of his presence betrayed him, the man told of the weapons and techniques that his predecessors lacked to bring him down. He was smart enough to capture the fragmentation of the invisibility cloak that covered his secrets.

By aiming and firing the weapon with full power, he hunted down the elusive monster. This fell, exposing the other members of his species. A new paradigm began to displace the old glasses, a world of aesthetic and functional shapes, colors and applications was born.

The monster, now under the aegis of Mandelbrot, precipitated the collapse of the fractal wall. A monster that collaborated to understand the dynamics that covered it up and with great potential to develop new technologies and useful services.

Mandelbrot's monster had fallen and with it a new light shines around the patterns of life that we did not understand before.


An original drabbler by @janaveda