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RE: Alice has 5 ice cubes, Bob takes 3, how many ice cubes does Alice have left for her afternoon Thai iced tea?

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Nicolas NAssib Taleb already said in his book The black swan, the impact of the highly unlikely, that most of the decisions made revolve around the Gaussian curve or bell curve without considering the entire surrounding environment of the queues , that in the end when something fails and it is something very unlikely, it is never considered that it will generate so much damage, and it is what happens as a great earthquake or what you say the subprime crisis of 2008 that caused so much damage.But well, there is no model capable of efficiently predicting what we should do is take what is there and take the logic that it could go wrong, as if and if they cut all the internet connections that will happen with the blockchain and the crypto world, I I have asked, it is not something crazy can happen, a couple of cables, satellites and goodbye cryptos, but hey we must think about that.Thank you for making us think of pretty laughable things like these.