The world inventions: The case of the light bulb!

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Think about what a fantastic invention that we can have power and light in our homes and in our organizations! We will have problems with operating in life in darkness, and that will also cause problems in the working areas!

How should humans operate in darkness? We need light, and the light bulb or the incandescent lamp was a great invention to the pleasure and the utility for the whole world. Think about how practical it is with light! You can work and do different things through the whole day and the whole night! And you determine when you will sleep and turn the world around you with darkness!

All dissertations and tasks start with a problem, and this should be practical and possible to find application areas from, and thereafter you try to find a solution on the problem or the task, and you can think about all variants that are possible in human nature and in nature, and you can choose one of these. Therefore, all these problems and tasks are filled with wondering, and about making the solution of the problem even better at a time. And all these problems are either known in the nature or human nature, or they are new! You can also choose to work with both known and unknown issues.

The invention of the light bulb, was a new thing in human history. Nobody has ever done this task before they tried to find the sources of light, and hence its development was a great thing for human history through the times we are living since its origin!

There is a discussion, even today, of which person who was the first on earth with the light bulb. Persons like Carl Auer von Welsbach, Heinrich Göbel and Joseph Wilson Swan had worked with developing something on earth that could give the humans there something to light up in the darkness. But it was the American Thomas Alva Edison who got the credit of inventing the light bulb together with a power supply system. Thomas Alva Edison was much engaged in research in all his life, and the structure of my life in accordance with his. Edison had many ideas of how to do things, and he was recognized for this in Great Britain, France and Germany! And the life you are given, is about using your eyes as good as you can! That recognition applies through all life, and it is true whether you are doing something or not doing anything!

Although several persons in the world had invented the light bulb before Thomas Alva Edison, he was the first with this patent in the end of the year 1879! There were many thoughts in Edisons life, and it is better to think than not thinking at all! But all thinking that is possible could be accepted, or it could be ignored!

There are traces today that confirm that Thomas Alva Edison was living and operating. We find a doll of him at the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. And think about how lovely and important Paris is as a city for the whole world! Many authors and artists have through all times visited Paris, and some have chosen to live and work there!

So, we can state today, that Thomas Alva Edison was not the first person in human history to develop the light bulb! But he was the first person in the world that got the light in the incandescent lamp by using electricity! And this attracted attention at the Paris Exhibition in 1881. Since that time, many people in the world, have had the pleasure and the utility for using the light bulb. And that fact that it just came light, was a very great invention for the mankind ever! Today, we have the light bulb in the shops around the world, and there is still technological developments with it, and the light bulb is still coming in better and more modern versions today than ever before! And this development will of course continue in the future!

Today, it is a science that just knowing which content that is inside the light bulb, and what makes the light bulb to shine! And we must always be researchers in the world, to affect different things, and for getting the life better to live, either inside or outside the organizations!

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Some "Ancient Aliens" theorist would probably try to correct you by claiming light bulbs existed in ancient Egypt. I've seen that claimed several times in YouTube videos

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